Thursday, October 22, 2009

emergency broadcast: action needed

Hey everyone, another post for today! Late breaking news about ovarian cancer funding. We need your help to prevent cutting the ovarian cancer budget. OC is a risk I face, being a brca mutant. This year, the National Cancer Institute estimates that there will be 21,550 new cases of OC and 14,600 deaths by OC. The main reason for the deaths is that there is not a good way to detect OC before it is in the advanced stage. That is why so many mutants choose to remove their ovaries. My risk of OC is estimated at 27% whereas yours is probably 1% or below and some mutants have over 40% risk. Though I know of no OC in my family, I did learn that my two aunts that had breast cancer did have hysterectomies back in the 70's. I don't know if they had all of their junk removed or just some of it, so it is possible that they may have prevented OC before it happened. Regardless, my risk is still very high.

Please make a few phone calls today or tomorrow and spread the word. Many thanks


Dear Janine

We have received the following request from the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance (OCNA).

As a result of the Senate mark-up, the Department of Defense's Ovarian Cancer Research Program's funding has been slashed in half - from $20 million to $10 million. Research performed by this program is critical as it is solely dedicated to performing research about ovarian cancer.

However, if we act now, we can work to help get $25 million as the final amount appropriated. As Congress prepares to go into conference where the House and Senate meet to finalize appropriation levels, a Dear Colleague letter is being circulated in both the House and the Senate urging the leadership to take the funding level that was set in the House -- $25 million.

Please help us make sure that the Dear Colleague letter gets enough signatures to make an impact. Instructions are provided below so you can call your Representative and two Senators and ask them to sign on to the letter.

Instructions for Calling: Please call your Representative and BOTH Senators.
Estimated time required: 8 to 10 minutes.

1) Go to and type in the zip code of where you live or where your organization is located. There should be three people listed - your two Senators and your Representative - you will need to call all three.

2) For each office you call, identify yourself as a constituent and state that you would like to speak to the Military L.A.

3) When speaking to the military L.A., you can follow these talking points:

a) Introduce yourself, state that you are a constituent and what city/county you are from, and your affiliation with your ovarian cancer organization.

b) State that you are requesting your Representative to sign a Dear Colleague letter that is circulating that requests both House and Senate leadership to appropriate $25 million to the Department of Defense Ovarian Cancer Research Program for fiscal year 2010.

c) For your REPRESENTATIVE: To sign the letter, tell them to contact Daniel Zeitlin in Rosa DeLauro's office (If your Representative is a Democrat) or Brian Fauls in Dan Burton's office (If your Representative is a Republican).

For your SENATORS: To sign the letter, tell them to contact Megan Moreau in Senator Menendez's office (If your Senator is a Democrat OR Republican).

d) Thank the staff for their time and request that they contact you by phone or email as to whether or not the Representative signs the Dear Colleague letter.

4) Send an email to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance's Policy Fellow, David Zook, at stating 1) what office you called, 2) who you talked to, and 3) what the staff said regarding signing the Dear Colleague.

Warm regards,

Sue Friedman

Sue Friedman

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  1. Those with the BRCA1 mutation have up to a 44% risk of ovarian cancer - twice that of BRCA2 mutants (lucky us) - I got the same email and plan to do my share tomorrow.

    Thanks for sharing this with everyone else - good idea to put it on your blog. :)