Saturday, October 31, 2009

everybody knows it ain't trickin if you got itª

Ok, that song("Whatever You Like" by T.I.) is not a halloween song but I like it and it has the word 'trick' in it and I was trying to be more clever than just saying happy halloween! nuff said

Feeling very nostalgic today and have been looking through old photos. This post is a tribute to halloweens past and present. Send me a pic if you want me to add it! Have to say that one of my dw as spock is so cute! Even back then she was a sci-fi geek:)

Also adding a poll just for fun! If we should ever move again, you can put your two cents in, although when it comes down to it, we will have the final say! Trying to limit it to places where we have family and friends.

ª from the song "Whatever You Like" by T.I.


  1. How come TJ's pic (which is so adorable by the way) looks like it was taken 5 years ago and ours looks like the first color photograph ever. She's not THAT much younger... or is she???

  2. Well, she is younger than your little sis! And her dad is a photographer. Yours just worked at kodak.