Thursday, October 1, 2009

exsqueeze me

It is October. Goodbye to September and Ovarian Cancer awareness month and hello to Breast Cancer awareness month. You may have noticed all the pink stuff in the stores. Pink ribbon cookie cutters and water bottles. Pink m&ms. Pink stuff you can buy to help the cause (sometimes just to help the manufacturer) and make you feel like you are helping out your cancer friends. But this month is not about buying stuff. It is about you and raising your awareness about your risk. About 200,000 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year and most of them are not mutants. Do you do a self breast exam every month? I never did. Couldn't be bothered. Now I say goodnight to my boobs every nite with a quick exam and good morning every day in the shower. Overkill? Yes! Paranoia? No, just trying to burn them in my memory in case I cut them off. If you don't like to do a sbe why don't you find someone that is willing to do it for you? Could be fun!

Have you had your mammogram this year? Before I got mine I didn't know what to expect. I heard they stick them in some machine and flatten them like pancakes. Some friends said there was no pain at all, while others said it hurt like a bitch and they would never do it again. So I went in and found out first hand. I think they squeezed each breast twice to get two different views. Didn't last very long and I wasn't in pain. I asked the tech if they have new machines because my sis said it hurt a lot. She said no but some techs are more aggressive than others and maybe my sis's tech was mean. I've had a ton of mammograms now. I had to go back in when they found my calcifications and take at least a dozen more so they could get a clearer picture. It was in a hard spot so they had to twist and turn and tug and pull. The tech was afraid I'd be all bruised the next day. But I wasn't. I got to do another kind of mammo for my biopsy. This was on a table with holes cut out for your boobs to hang out of. They use the mammo to guide the needle to the right spot. That mammo wasn't painful either. Then I had to go into the other room with the normal mammo machine and take some more. Even as my biopsy site started bleeding down my chest, it didn't hurt. Well, I did have some drugs in me that time:) They used yet a third before my lumpectomy. I didn't actually have a lump so I needed to sit in front of this machine while they took a mammo and placed a guide wire in my boob to help the surgeon. That mammo didn't hurt either. Point is: if you are afraid of pain, speak up. Tell them not to squeeze too hard. They found mine without making me scream. If they don't listen to you, go somewhere else next year. Just get it done.


  1. got my first one done this week....and it didn't hurt at all!