Tuesday, October 6, 2009

good news

Just a quick update. I did hear from my onc last nite. My mri is all clear! No signs of cancer. So the onc says we will continue doing what we are doing. Thanks doc! Guess he was not looking at my file because we are doing nothing at the moment and that wasn't one of my treatment options. Big sigh of relief:)


  1. Yes- so happy to hear the good news! Any hey I love the blog and yes you are a great writer-don't feel bad about sharing. It helps me as least to feel more connected to what you and TJ are going through and keeps me up to date. I feel bad that I haven't been in more contact but thinking of you both and hoping you can get back to you normal life-but hey what's nromal these days! I am with you on the Mat and Eva blog- reading the updates lately has been killing me-so sad. Hey get better becase we have alot to do -hiking and definitely hitting the slopes again this winter. Feel free to call, email or blog whenever you need to-we are all there for you!