Tuesday, October 20, 2009

hey mr dj turn the music up i wanna dance with my babyª

DW's sister was married over the weekend in mn. We went out there for about 4 days and had a great time. We got to stay at their house so we had plenty of time time to kick it with the bride and groom and help out with the remaining details and meet their friends and his family. DW's family is very caring, giving and loving and it is great to know that they are supported by other people that share those qualities. It always feels so good to be around that love. We had a lot of fun before the wedding driving around in a humvee convoy taking pics at minnehaha falls. Didn't get to drive, but thanks little A for trying to make that happen and for sharing your Patrón! The ceremony was beautiful and so was the hall as mj loves her colors! Had a great time on the dance floor with all the family and friends. Thanks to all those trying to teach me how to dance, better luck next time! Received lots of hugs which I need right now. Gotta love the hugging.

Gotta mention my brother's wedding as well! That was last month in co. We roadtripped there which was fun. Very pretty time of the year and we got lucky with the weather. That was an outdoor ceremony on top of a mountain in a park. Very nice and couldn't have had better weather. My bro and my new sis make a very cute couple and also are surrounded by some good people. We met several friends and family and had a very good time with them. Hope to see some of them in vegas! Took the long way home and showed dw my old stomping grounds at keystone resort where i worked oh so long ago. The village hasn't changed much but dillon has blown up!

The first three pics are my bro's wedding and the rest are from dw's sis wedding.

Lots of people wondering how I feel and saying how healthy I look. Well, I have never felt sick. I am physically great. I spend a lot of my time at the gym or outside. I have a nice healthy(?) tan. I've felt worse from the common cold than from cancer. Mentally, I am all over the place but I am working on it. I met with a breast cancer social worker yesterday to work on some of my issues and I think it might help. I actually felt pretty good this morning and working on the homework she gave me already. But then went to see my primary tod who has been out on maternity leave til now. I wanted to talk to her about my other health concerns as my cancer tods seem to blow them off as not that important. Cuz in reality, cancer will probably not kill me. I have a much higher chance of dying from heart disease because of my diabetes. So turns out I am already doing almost as much as I can to avoid heart problems which is good. But I was at a loss to hear my tod say that I shouldn't go on hormone therapy if I gut myself. My cancer tod already said it was ok if I did the slice and gut to take hormones. But according to my primary tod the estrogen may increase my risk of heart problems. Instead of bursting into tears I proclaimed that maybe I would hang on to my ovaries if that was the case. This was met with the usual weighing your risks line. Needless to say I was pretty bummed. I'm only 41. I'm not ready to say goodbye to great sex already. No proof that my sex life will plummet, but it could and I was counting on being able to take hormones in case that happened. Now I am just pissed. Mutant three wants to kick the shit out of Mutant one and Mutant two said she would help.

ª from the song Music by Madonna


  1. Hey, I had the same thoughts about HRT and so I asked my endocrinologist about it. (You know what those are, right J9?!) Awesome endo said HRT should not have a big impact on diabetes and the gutting "could save your life". So I restated the question and asked if HRT would affect my cardio health, and she said NO. It could be different in your case, but perhaps you need to add a new player to your tod.

  2. Glad you had such a good time in MN, the sky in one of those pictures is amazing!

    I don't know much about diabetes or heart disease but I can tell from my own experience that I've been on HRT for 11 days, since my preventative hyst/ooph and I haven't had ANY menopause symptoms at all. HRT is such a hot topic - different doctors have different opinions. Mine is fine with me being on it (obviously, because I'm on it!). From what I've been told, the amount of estrogen (.01)is small enough to help us avoid all of those lovely menopause issues (hot flashes, lack of sexual desire, mood swings, etc) but not enough to do much to increase our risk of breast cancer any more than it already is. I'm trusting that, and heck, in January, after I have my boobs removed, my risk of b/c will be less than 2%. It's so controversial though, and many doctors won't allow high risk b/c women to be on HRT at all. For me, the risk will be brought down so low that it's worth it to me to not suffer. I'm only 39, and don't want to go through any of that stuff yet either. I actually have plans to do a post on HRT, but don't have enough information on it yet.

  3. Yeah, hrt is very controversial. I may have to ask my doc if she has a specific study she is referring to. The American Heart Assoc is currently not recommending hrt, I think for high risk women? Or maybe just in general? Hard to tell. Although it sounds like non-oral estrogen is not as risky for the heart. Begs for more research. Guess I have the time:) Yes, wt, I know what an endo is! Prob should see one but I have so many fucking tods already:)

    The really good pics are from the groom's professional photographer relative, Judd Sather. He did an excellent job and even had a slide show ready for the reception.