Sunday, October 4, 2009

snow makes me happy

Some people hate the snow. Actually, it seems like a whole lot of people hate it! I don't know why. Lots of good things come with snow. Like snow days (no school), snow angels, snowball wars, skiing, sledding, snowboarding, snowshoeing and on and on. And it is so damn pretty. I love the snow. I even like to shovel it. My dw is a california chick. When we moved to ny she experienced her first ever snow day. In fact, I think school was canceled at least four days that first winter. I am lucky she loves the snow too. When a nearby town got dumped on with over ten feet of snow in a week, we ran over there with our snowshoes:) Why am I talking about snow in October? We have some!! Wednesday morning as I went in for my mri it was cloudy and raining. Here in slc the mountains often disappear under a fog when it is raining. As I walked out of the hospital, I glanced up and the clouds had lifted, revealing mountains full of snow! It made me smile. And the snow has lasted all week even though it is not that cold here in the valley. Now today I am supposed to go hiking with my brother but it has been raining all night. Maybe we will grab our skiis and boards instead and catch a couple of runs! I've never gone boarding when the maples were still red. Should be pretty amazing.

BRCA is something that is always on my mind but I always feel better when I am doing "normal" things. Stuff that doesn't involve tods or cancer research. I even enjoy going to the library or store and having to ask someone for help finding something that is not cancer related. I feel like I am normal again. So screw cancer today. I am going to join the other snow rats pulling some free runs.

I did go, without my bro who didn't feel like it. I only took one run because remember, I'm lazy and the lifts aren't open yet. It was great! Snow quality was better than closing day last March but the coverage is pretty bare. Less than a foot so hitting rocks and stuff on the way down but only one small scratch on the board. The drive up the canyon was very pretty and felt like an east coast fall day. Then all of a sudden it felt like Christmas! Hiked up, did my one run then went home to curl up on the couch and watch football for the rest of the night. What a great day:)

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  1. Ok, ok - I love snow too, but NOT YET!!! Please don't send it our's barely October. I'm still waiting for the summer we never had. I'm glad you're enjoying it though! What's with Dan bailing on you??? :) BTW - Brian and I agree you're a great writer.
    XOXO Katie