Wednesday, October 14, 2009

we now return to our regular programming

Looking forward to this weekend! By weekend I mean Thursday-Sunday:) Extra long for my sweetie. My days are all like the weekend but this weekend will be special. I vow to stay away from the computer. No surfing online, reading boards, blogs or anything brca related. I am taking a break. We will be immersed anyway with wedding prep and hanging out with my in-laws whom I adore. It is so hard trying to squeeze everything in when we go to mn. Most of my extended family lives there and half of dw's does. And I used to live there so I have friends that I often neglect due to time constraints. Mom-in-law is going to see this and start pushing for us to move there again! Wish we could just scoop all our friends and family up and make our own neighborhood. That would be so much fun! It'd have to be west-side though:)

Enjoy your weekends and I'll catch up with you sometime next week. For those who may be visiting dear little boy's family this weekend, please send our love.


  1. Have a great trip! Hi to both families!!!

  2. A vacation from worries sounds great! So we have some live in Utah, one of my brother lives in Utah. You're going to Minnesota, my husband is from Minnesota. Then there is the whole BRCA thing. Just when I start to feel unique I find out I'm not. :)

    The other day I read one of your posts, but needed to go lay down and had plans to go back to it to reply. But when I came back to reply it was gone. But my memory of it remained. You've been through some crazy shit in your life, I feel that you've made it through that, you can make it through anything. :)

    Hope you and your fam have a terrific time this weekend!

  3. wedding??? Am I that out of the loop? Have a great trip!