Thursday, November 5, 2009

the art of saying thanks

I've been learning a lot lately. Some things I wish I had no need to know but the rest is a good consolation prize. Don't mistake me for one of those people that are "so happy I got cancer, it taught me so much" cuz that is not me! But you need to look for good things where you can find them.

I once had a boss that was very good at saying thank you. He is my favorite boss to date. I'll call him Scott, cuz that's his name. When he first came on the scene, we didn't know what to make of him. He had a poker face and we couldn't read him very well. When he would thank me and my coworkers, we wondered what he was up to. Was he being sarcastic? Why was he thanking us when we were just doing what we were supposed to do? Clearly, we weren't used to bosses actually appreciating us, that is kinda sad. Eventually we learned how to read him and we could see his sincerity. Nothing wrong with thanking someone even if it is for something that they should be doing.

Those of you who are following my blog know that I am learning how to ask for help. And of course, I have also been falling into a pile of help from my tods because of the whole brca situation. With all of this help I have found myself learning how to express my thanks and appreciation. I have found that it is not easy to express my thanks. I can say 'thank you' as I walk out the door but that is not really what I am thinking. 'Thank you' doesn't really describe what I mean. What I am trying to say is I appreciate you. I understand how many hours you work and how many patients you see. Thank you for listening to my concerns and being concerned with my well being. Thanks for those seminars I know you attend that interrupt your personal life. Thank you for treating me like an individual and showing me some compassion. But none of that comes out of my mouth. Not sure why. I guess I have lots more tods to practice with though.

And then there are our friends and family. Sometimes it is easy to take them for granted. Yes, we expect them to come through for us in our hour of need but that doesn't mean we can't show our appreciation. I know that me and dw have been in your thoughts through all of this and we appreciate that. It is nice to feel the caring and hear the words of support. It was really nice to escape to ny for two weeks after my surgeries and just open up my eyes to other people's problems and forget my own. That sounds weird! And I don't mean that I'm happy that you all have problems! Yes, it was nice that I wasn't the sole focus. I saw a friend with a broken heart, one with a broken foot, families with the normal kid drama and whatnot. Yet despite life happening to everyone, there was still time and love for me and dw. We thank you for that and appreciate having you in our lives and please know that we are always there for you, anytime.

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