Friday, November 20, 2009

feed me!!!

I am happily eating again! Went from the hospital to five guys for a bacon cheeseburger and fries and don't forget the free peanuts while you wait. And the fry sauce! I have only seen fry sauce here in utah. Basically it is ketchup and mayo mixed together sometimes with some relish. And I had to have a soda even though I am still a little gassy from my colonoscopy this morning but sometimes the pain is worth it. All in all, this whole procedure is not a big deal. Really more of an annoyance than anything else. The day before is the worst part, not being able to eat what you want but I wasn't as hungry as I thought I'd be. It does affect your mental capacity a little though, not eating. So I would recommend taking that day easy, especially after noon. That is when I started feeling cold and a little out of it. Didn't really need the toilet til about 4 and then once you start drinking the mix, you pretty much forget about food and keep running into the bathroom. The effects are pretty much done by bedtime but I did have to get up at 4:30 to drink the rest of the mix. I had to check in an hour before my procedure for all the usual paperwork. Keep meaning to get that living will thing filled out but haven't done it yet. I have that here somewhere. The nurse came and got us (me and dw) and she looked like a mean old nurse but she turned out really nice and funny. She also got my iv in with one poke. Always get a nurse to do your iv whenever possible, the drs suck at it! Had to sit there a little while cuz they do these colonoscopys almost like a drive thru, one every half hour and they were a little behind (get it?)! I was cold so dw found me another blanket. They did let me keep my socks on and my shirt underneath my gown so that was  nice. I wasn't very nervous but it was feeling a little too much like surgery all prepped up with the blood pressure cuff and iv drip. I was moved into this really tiny operating room and got the heart monitor stuff hooked up and assumed the position - lying sideways, butt sticking out. They were kind enough to put me out before they exposed me. And it was over in about half an hour. Wheeled me back over to dw and she said I looked really clear headed. Then when I asked her the same questions over again within seconds she decided I was a little loopy! Just a little. It was like my mouth was faster than my brain. I was about to ask her for the third time what time it was but then I said "it's 9:39" and she said not anymore:) Then the doc came in and showed me my pics and said they found two polyps. I'm a little shocked. I was not expecting anything. Just did this to cover my bases. She told me not to spend the weekend worrying about it because she doesn't think it looks like cancer. I will get the results in about a week.

So just chilling here with dw, listening to christmas music! It is a nice, gloomy day. Perfect for lounging around and reading. Going to go find that leftover cookie dough from Wednesday nite. And oh yeah, did not lose one single ounce from this whole fast and shit thing. Guess I drank too many fluids. Oh well


  1. They don't have fry sauce here, but they made some for me. Your colon looks pretty good. I've seen some that look like the whole thing is full of egg yolks. Aren't you so sick of appointments? Hang in there.

  2. You know that your fry sauce is actually the same as 1000 island dressing (ketchup, mayo, relish). Let us know how the polyps thing turns out. Love ya, Katie

  3. I've never heard it called fry sauce before, but we have it in CA too - it's also known as 'secret sauce' and it's on many a hamburger. Delicious! :)

    Hope the results come back as negative for anything bad.