Thursday, November 19, 2009

jello, it's whats for dinner

Ah yes, today is a fasting day for me. Sort of. I am allowed to eat jello. I am part way thru my second batch and have a third cooling in the fridge. I am hungry and a little light-headed as I try and keep my blood sugars up. Mutant 1 doesn't like this fasting shit but she'll get over it. I've never had to do a fast this extreme before. My surgeries are always scheduled in the morning so I only have to fast for a little while because of my special diabetic status. I am doing ok now but wonder how hungry I will feel tomorrow morning. Or will my stomach be so upset I won't want to eat anyway? I can't wait to weigh myself in the morning and see how much shit I got rid of. Took the first of the diuretics a couple of hours ago but nothing is happening yet. Took a nice walk with the dog in case I can't go out later. I take the good stuff at dinner and then I guess all shit will break lose:) Please excuse me, I love the potty humor! Pigged out last nite and got a tube of cookie dough. Figured it wouldn't stay in my body too long so what the heck. Now I wish I had finished it off cuz the leftovers keep taunting me every time I go to the fridge.

Didn't go snowboarding this week after all. I decided to do the root canal on Wednesday on the off chance that someone might call me to start working come Monday. It wasn't too bad. Seemed like it took forever. The whole thing was about an hour and they were in my mouth for about 40 minutes. I wasn't in any pain and I only took a couple of tylenol right after just in case. It doesn't hurt any more now than it did before. And much less than last week. They said it should be ok in 2-3 days if everything goes well. There is a chance that the infection won't clear up but usually the root canal works. I hope to be eating on both sides of my mouth by Thanksgiving! I'm glad I did it this week. That leaves next week doc free. Looking forward to chilling with dw for the long weekend and spending thanksgiving with my bro and sis in law. Maybe we will hit the snow sometime that weekend. We decided not to go to vegas for thanksgiving. I had been planning on it since last year. I wanted to go there for the auto show which is over that weekend but I'm just not into it anymore. I would rather stay here and relax. Maybe I'll plan a trip to detroit sometime. That is where the best car show is anyway.


  1. They made you fast and poop for a root canal? Did you get put to sleep for it??

    And I really hope your mouth is back to normal by Turkey Day - hope, hope! :)


  2. The fasting is for my colonoscopy tomorrow!

  3. Oh! I'm so sorry, I forgot about that. Good luck, I hope everything goes well..