Monday, November 16, 2009

pity party

Saw the endodontic today. The newest member of my team of docs. I went in there knowing that I would probably need a root canal but left there anyway upset with the fact that I am now scheduled for it next Monday. My tooth, which was not infected 10 days ago, now is and the nerves are dying. I could have had it fixed today but I was worried about what meds I might need since I have a colonoscopy this Friday and can't take certain drugs. That is my other new member, the gastroenterologist doc. GI tod recommends I get this done now rather than wait until I'm 50 since I have colon cancer history on my non-mutant side of the family. The procedure is supposed to be easy it is just the prep that will be a pain in the ass. Not looking forward to not being able to eat all day Thursday and spending my evening on the throne.

Over the summer, after I finished with my two surgeries, dw asked my general surgeon about a gyn/onc referral and getting my vaginal ultrasound scheduled. GS asked me if I was ready for that. I asked why, does it hurt? No, it doesn't. Now I understand what she meant by being ready. All of this stuff happening at the same time is a little overwhelming. Every time I turn the corner something else is going on. Hardly a week has gone by that I haven't seen some doc or someone related to this whole mess. My team of docs has developed from a volleyball team to a soccer team. How do I keep it from morphing into a football team? The funny thing is I don't even like going to the doc and now I feel like I know every fucking doc in utah.

So I'm having a bad day. I had such a great week last week. In fact, even yesterday I didn't have anything to bitch about in my journal. I think I will spoil myself and go snowboarding this week, sometime before my cleansing. The slopes have just opened and even though not all the runs are open yet I think I will splurge and use one of my tickets.

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  1. Yes - snowboarding definitely sounds like some good medicine for you now. Sucks sucks sucks about your tooth. Love ya, Katie