Saturday, November 14, 2009

reality tv

It's funny how you don't really notice things until they apply to you. Then those things pop up everywhere. I am watching private practice and so many things in this one episode hit close to home. There is a young woman dying of ovarian cancer. A dwarf couple looking to use selective embryo processing so they can have a dwarf child. A sexologist passing out toys. A young woman undergoing shock therapy.

The woman with ovarian cancer scares me. She ends up dying on this episode. She looks pretty young. Maybe in her 30s or 40s. They don't mention if she has brca but I would assume so. Most people don't get it that young. I haven't put much thought to when I will have my ovaries removed. My main concern is the boobs since I had to choose some sort of treatment for my cancer. But it is something that I need to address soon. I am reading a blog by a young woman, maybe 33, who already had her boobs removed and now has just finished her chemo treatments for ovarian cancer. She had been doing all the surveillance tests but it still did not get detected until it was pretty serious. She is so young. You just can't tell when it will strike.

The dwarf couple wishes to have a baby that looks like them. They want a dwarf child and today's technology allows for testing the embryos for mutations. One doc has to be convinced to go along with their wishes since she doesn't believe in tampering with the natural process. But in the end, it was found that all the embryos that had the dwarf mutation also carried a 40% chance of cancer mutation. So that doc refused to help them. This is a situation playing out among known brca+ women who are looking to get pregnant. Some are choosing to select embryo that don't carry the mutation while others leave it to chance. What would I do? That's not really a question one can really answer until you are faced with it. I don't think I would want to have kids if I thought I could pass on mutant 1 and 3. Would I want to select an embryo that would ensure my baby would have mutant 2? Probably not. I think I would leave that to chance. But I don't need to worry about this. I don't want kids and if my dw ever convinces me otherwise, she can try and have one. After all, she is younger and although her family history isn't perfect, it is better than mine.

Sex toys? What's that got to do with my life?;) I was just discussing sex toys cuz someone I know is having her ovaries removed soon and she is single. From what I've read, they say that your sex drive is decreased after surgery and dryness could also become a problem. They say 'use it or lose it.' In other words, the more sex you have the less problems you will have with menopause. So, yes, sex toys would be a nice present for someone getting an ooph! And a sexologist? Well of course I am concerned about what my sex life might turn into after the slice and gut. My bcsw told me that if my stuff is broken after surgery, there are people that can help fix it. I'm hoping not to have any problems but it is reassuring that there is help out there.

Electric shock therapy. Funny how many topics they stuffed into this one episode. In this case, a woman had been suffering from severe depression for over a year and nothing else was working so they shocked the happiness into her. I don't know anyone that had est, but back in the day parents used to drag their kids in for this to try and shock the gay out of them. It used to be considered a mental illness. I don't think est was ever found to be a good treatment for changing gays. It may have caused them to be better at lying about who they are, or caused more runaways, but I don't think it really changed who they fell in love with.


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