Saturday, November 28, 2009

THIS is why we moved here

A lot of people ask us why we moved here (utah). I get that question every time I move. Sometimes they are just curious and sometimes they are incredulous. Like when we moved to rochester, ny from the bay area in cali. People in rochester thought we were crazy for leaving cali. But we wanted to spend some time there with my family and get to know the nieces and nephew. That time was invaluable and something we would never trade. Now when we decided to move to utah, friends were incredulous but the utahns were just curious. Why utah? Why not! DW had just finished school and work was scarce in ny. So we decided which states we would want to live in and something came up in utah. My brother lives here and we had visited several times and seen the beauty and I was pretty excited at the opportunity to be here awhile. I like to move around. I think of it as an extended vacation. I get a chance to spend some time in a new place and explore and see as much as possible. Usually I only have a couple weeks off from work each year and that is not nearly enough time to travel and see everything that I want.

I talk a lot about snowboarding, and the slopes here are just minutes away, but the real reason I was so excited to move here is southern utah. It is so beautiful. I love the rocks and all the contrasting colors. Green, blue, orange, red, white. It is only a few hours away and it is an outdoor paradise. You can do almost anything there. Mt biking, hiking, rafting, skydiving, horseback riding and for those that like motorized sports, those options are endless too. I snuck away to bryce a couple of weeks ago but dw has not been south since the end of June/beginning of July when my whole bc and brca drama was unfolding. That's about 5 f*ing months. That's crazy. When we moved here we resolved to go at least once a month. I feel bad that it has been that long. We were glued here for July what with all the tests and surgeries and then August was full of recuperation and my great escape to ny. But that still leaves 3 months. 3 mostly wasted months except for two great weddings we went to. So after a wonderful thanksgiving spent with my brother and his dw here, we headed south to moab and Arches National Park. This is one of dw's favorite parks because she loves the formations. It is also a pretty good place to go in the winter because they don't get a lot of snow, the crowds are much smaller and you don't have to worry about the 100 degree weather like you do in the summer. We did a really cool 3 hour hike that we haven't done before and saw some amazing rock fins and did a little scrambling on the rocks as well. Saw some arches too:) We haven't gone hiking in a really long time so it was nice to reconnect a bit with mother nature. I felt myself really smiling (inside and out) for the first time in months. We both feel so refreshed. Only one night away but it felt like a vacation. We will have to plan another trip between now and my surgery in February.

I have to give a shout out to my fellow blogger, Teri (Teri's Blip in the Universe link on the left). We were going to meet this weekend because she is in utah visiting her brother but some health stuff got in the way. I hope everything turns out ok and you are back on your feet soon!


  1. Thanks girl! You really need to get out here next summer:)

  2. I want to, I want to! I'm working on getting a new job so we'll have a little extra cash to any connections here still? ;-)

  3. Utah is beautiful, I wish I'd had a chance to explore during my vacation instead of sit in a hospital! I'm also so sorry that I didn't get a chance to meet you and your dw! Next time, I promise! :)