Monday, November 30, 2009

thoughts and inspirations

I started keeping a journal this past September. In the back, I jot down quotes that hit close to my heart or just give me some inspiration or food for thought. Here are some of them:

Sometimes you have to do things you don't like. (me)

Cut the bitches off! (mj)

I am strong but not brave! I will need some pushing to cut the bitches off! (me)

Go fuck yourself. (from I'm a mutant blog)

I'm fucked up. I think I need to see a psychiatrist. (mims)

Patron and lime is mighty fine! (me)

Think she'll get back to normal? Yes, but it won't be the old normal. (private practice)

Remember, you truly have friends that love and care about you everywhere you have been. (sm)

A wise person is one who listens to advice. (kenyan proverb)

How about none of the above, mother fucker! (from goodbye to boobs blog on breast reconstruction options)

I be thinking about the way his life was all crazy. And my life is crazy. But we ain't trying to let the sad feelings get us down. We ain't trying to give up. (from  After Tupac and D Foster by Jacqueline Woodson)

I cherish this scar, a line that suggests my beginning and my end, a line that suggests I take it seriously, which I do. I miss it, but I want to tell all the women that we are still beautiful, we are still powerful, we are still sexy, and we are still here. (susan miller from My Left Breast)


  1. I really like the one about getting back to normal, it makes sense.

    Sorry about not being able to meet up with you this past weekend. We'll have to try again next time..

  2. Yeah, I hear a lot of people say it will be a "different" normal. Funny how we get used to things and the new things become "normal." Sorry you were in the hospital! Maybe we will meet next time I'm in socal, whenever that may be.