Saturday, November 7, 2009

the thrill of the cut

Watching an epidode of grey's anatomy right now and it actually has my attention! I have had a bit of adhd since this whole brca stuff started but this episode is very interesting. It is about a spinal cord tumor getting removed through micro-surgery. A bit more difficult than my breast surgery will be but it has some similarities. I was wondering how they would be able to operate while looking through a microscope. I was picturing the kind of microscope that we used in high school. The kind that just sits on a desk. So it was cool to get an idea of what the OR might look like. It has a huge microscope hanging from the ceiling that the surgeon looks through while her hands are busy on the body. It takes some really good hand-eye coordination. It really hammers home the importance of choosing the best, most experienced surgeons! This episode also dealt with the issue of how surgeons handle really long surgeries and what they do about bathroom breaks, food and hydration. This is one of my concerns about if I should choose to stay in utah and go with the longer, cheaper surgery. I asked the doc if he took breaks, since the surgery would be about 12 hours. He said he takes a bathroom break. I asked him what about food? He said he has a powerbar. He looks like he is in pretty good shape but it makes me a little uneasy to have someone working on me that long. And I imagine the anesthesiologist will be relieved several times, which is good and bad. Anytime you hand me over to someone else there is a chance for miscommunication.

It would be great if we could do the surgery here at home. No flights or hotel to pay for. I would get to stay in the comfort of my home and have real food prepared for me instead of recuperating in a hotel for a week and eating take out. DW wouldn't have to sit by my side alone during my 4 or 5 days at the hospital. I would have just a short drive home instead of a couple of flights across the country with drains hanging out of my chest. And it would cost almost nothing. We could keep the insurance we really like. But we have pretty much decided that we will go for it. We will change our insurance so that we are able to go to the best surgeon. DW does not want me to be under the knife for 12 hours. And I want the best boobs I can get. I don't just want them to look nice, I want to get the most feeling out of them that is possible. I don't want any regrets so I think it is worth it to seek out the best surgeon. We will go get me some good boobs and worry about paying for them after it is all over with.


  1. So who have you decided to go to? I have the same philosphy - I want the absolute best! I'm going to the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery in New Orleans - from what I've heard (learned, read, people I've met who've gone there) they are the best. They have done these procedures hundreds of times. And your support person is allowed to be right by your side in your room with you, overnight at the hospital. Also, I've been told it'll be about 6 hours or so for the DIEP. I'm not sure what's up with doctors needing 12 hours. Yikes. That's a long time to be under.

  2. Dr Massey. She also works at nola but I won't have to put a deposit down in south carolina so that's where i'm going. And she will do second stage here in utah because she still does some more basic work here.