Monday, December 14, 2009

can't keep these feet from dancing

Ha ha, this post had to be interrupted before it started so I could dance to my favorite song for the 4th time today! Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys is in the height of its popularity and thus is on the airways every hour. You all should give it a listen even if you don't like hip hop cuz it just might make you dance too:) Click on the link above and you'll see the video.

So my good mood continues to shine through and nothing is bringing it down for long. I've taken the advice of my bcsw and am trying to find things to fill my time rather than sitting around and eating, drinking and sleeping brca all the time. Now that the snow is here it is getting easier! DW and I went snowboarding/skiing on Saturday and had a great time. We did get over a foot of snow since that last time I went and there was some powder to be enjoyed. It was coming down all day Saturday and now we have a 71" base which was only 24" a week and a half ago! Do you see why I didn't want the tram flap reconstruction which would have cut into my stomach muscles? Can you picture falling in several feet of powder and trying to get up without all your stomach muscles? Remember that your arms are of little use because there is nothing solid to brace them against. And I made the mistake once as a newbie of taking my board off in a pile of snow. You quickly sink to the bottom and it sure is hard to get the board back on! To get up out of the powder you basically have to grab the bottom of your board and rock back and forth until you have enough momentum to stand so don't get rid of the abs!

Good news on wondertwin's pathology of her ooph - no ovarian cancer for her! Celebrations all around:) Her surgeon called her that evening after surgery and told her that everything looked great and that the only thing that concerned him was that our little sister was not getting brca tested until april which is how long she has to wait to get in to see the genetic counselor. He actually confronted my little sister when he gave her wt's surgery update and asked her why she hadn't been tested yet. He kept asking 'who told you you had to go to a counselor to get tested?' He wanted to drag her upstairs and give her a kit to take home. Yes, it is true that you can get tested in most doctors offices and maybe that is a better option if it takes months to get into a genetic counselor but some of those doctors really lack the skills at explaining such life-changing information. So luckily, my other lil sis has an appt with another counselor well before April and they will probably go together. As for my ooph, I have a call in to my gyn/onc to see when I can commence with the gutting. I was hoping to squeeze it in with my pbm but that is a no go. I am hoping they will let me do it while I am recovering from the pbm so that I can overlap the recovery period a little but I am afraid they will probably make me wait at least 6 weeks between surgeries. I just don't want to be laid up all summer! I gots things to do, places to hike, mountains to bike:)

I have been getting ready for my surgery, which will be here before you know it! I have several pre-op tests to get out of the way. Had my ekg and chest x-rays done last week. These are pretty standard tests before a long surgery. They want to make sure there won't be any problems when you are on the table. Next week I will have a stress echo and ultrasound of my carotid artery. Usually, only older people or people that had chemo need the stress echo but because of mutant 1, my pcp thought this would be a good test to do. And we'll blame mutant 1 for the ultrasound too. This isn't even required by my surgeon but I had asked about it before when I was freaking out about my health so my pcp thought we might as well do it when I see the cardiologist. Can't be too careful, I sure don't want to stroke out on the table! Other than that, I will just have some blood work left which can't be done until a couple of weeks before surgery.

Tomorrow I head to the dermatologist for a skin check and mole mapping. This has nothing to do with surgery. Just something I should do once a year now because brca2+ brings an increased risk of melanoma. I decided to do it right away because since the bc and then the colon polyps, I have developed a little bit of paranoia:) Yes, I guess I am kind of a worry wart now. I've been looking at this funny spot on my back that I noticed when trying to see my boob scar so I didn't want to wait any longer before checking it out. DW keeps asking me why I'm looking at it all the time. I know it's probably nothing but I can't help myself. I am proud to say though that I haven't been losing any sleep over it. I figured I made the appt, there's nothing else I can do about it for now. Just keep trying to keep busy. This Wednesday is another $15 snowboarding day at brighton plus a sack of groceries for the utah food bank so count me in! And just signed up to volunteer at the food bank. Figured I might as well do something worthwhile with my time while I am trying to find a job. And keeping the music flowing...

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  1. I love that song - thanks for the video. I woke up the girls to it yesterday. God, you must be so sick of doctors. Glad to hear you are out enjoying the snow. I still can't believe how cheap it is! Have fun at the foodbank...maybe you'll inspire us to pitch in this holiday season.