Thursday, December 17, 2009

conversations overheard on the lift

You might be wondering lately if this is a blog about snowboarding rather than brca/cancer! I offer no apologies for that cuz I think snowboarding is so much nicer:) I was able to take advantage of my time off to go again today, another $15 special deal day. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Lots of lift lines today because college just let out. When there are lift lines it is standard practice to fill the chairs to maximum capacity. This often means grouping strangers together on the same chair. You would think that such close proximity to people that you do not know would refrain you from talking freely about things that we really don't want to hear, but no it doesn't. And this ain't vegas baby, so I'll share. Most of these conversations seem to come from the twenty-something male riders. They like to talk about chicks mostly, or what jumps they are going to hit or sometimes both. I learned that one guy has been working on getting twins for the last three months and was excited because they were from idaho which according to him and his buddy, girls from idaho are easy. They can't be too easy if it's been three months now. Another guy was pissed cuz he answered his cell phone and it was his girlfriend and she was mad at him and of course he has no reason why. Maybe it's because she knows you talk to your buddies about how idaho girls are easy? Then the chair stopped for awhile and one of them said he was about to jump off...or piss himself. Nice. Why don't you go ahead and jump! Another ride up was with a guy who has been dating and things are turning more serious. Marriage may be in the future but a difference in religion makes things tricky. Plus the fact that she doesn't want to leave utah and he's not sure he wants to stay when school is over. His buddy urged him not to let anyone pressure him into doing something he may not want to do and says that 'engagement' is always a good out. It takes things to the next level but he can still back out if he wants to. And this engagement should be for at least two years, no use rushing into things. Another ride up was pretty harmless except for when the chair stopped, yet again (power problems), someone wondered out loud if the cables have ever snapped on a chairlift. This is NOT appropriate conversation when dangling mid-air. Then there were the three that were making fun of the not so good skiers and snowboarders below. Pointing them out and claiming the bad ones as teammates of each other. They clapped for one poor guy stuck in the powder and said "go team!" The girl in their group did admit they were a**holes so at least they acknowledge their rudeness.

And so it goes...these are the days and the lives of the snow junkies.

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  1. Remember those ladies we rode up with at A-Basin who said they hated snowboarders, and we were both boarding that day?