Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy, happy, happy!

December 31st is celebrated all around the world. The number one reason would be to celebrate the end of one year and the start of the next. I don't usually get into new year's that much. I never really thought it was that big of a deal and I am not a huge party girl so often I don't even stay up until midnight. But this year it feels different. I am looking forward to saying goodbye to 2009. It was a hard, hard year to say the very least. 2010 will not be easy but I am looking forward to a fresh year, hopefully finishing all my surgeries and moving on with life and discovering my new normal.

DW and I have a couple of more reasons to celebrate on the 31st. For one thing, it is dw's birthday! Yeah, she turns 37 today!!! As we head out to california, she laughs that we will be spending her bday with her cousins playing wii. Kind of like birthday parties of her youth! I am happy with that since I am still a kid at heart and she is happy because she is addicted to wii. Don't know if we will stay up til midnight but if we don't, please give a cheer for us and sweep 2009 out the door.

Our third reason to celebrate is it's our anniversary. We celebrate the anniversary of our first date, for lack of a better day since we never had a ceremony. Our first date was 9 years ago and we have to say, it was pretty awful! But fortunately, we already had a good sense of what we liked about each other so we kept trying and our second date was so much better:) One thing led to another and we became a couple. Things were so good for us in the beginning that we both worried that it was too good to be true and surely it wouldn't last. Of course, that faded after awhile and we no longer think each other is perfect. We have our good and bad moments just like any normal couple. We've been through a lot together. We've made tons of good memories. The good times are easy and fun to share. We've been through some tough times in the past. Those times were more stressful and a little harder to deal with but we made it through. We've never faced anything as hard as what we are going through right now and I can say I've never felt so close to dw as I do now. In the beginning, we were both in shock and stuck to each other like glue. No impatient words or fighting. We were so kind and understanding of each other. Things are a little more normal now! Can't be perfect forever but we still lean on each other so much through all of this. Mostly it is me leaning on dw. She has been so calm and attentive to my crazy mood changes. I can cry at the drop of a hat now. When I am frozen with fear or worry, she is there to talk me down and reassure me and give me a hug. Okay, trying not to get too sappy here! I'll just end this post saying that today is a happy day for us and a day to celebrate.

Happy New Year's to all of you and may you have lots of good times in 2010.


  1. Happy birthday to your dw! Have a safe trip and a wonderful new year!

  2. p.s glad you put your definitions up there, I kept wondering what a 'tod' was but never wanted to ask! lol