Thursday, December 10, 2009

waiting on the sidelines

 This is a picture of me and my wondertwin with our friends' twins. (I'm in the plaid shorts).

Wondertwin had her ooph this morning and is in recovery after a successful surgery. She did have one cyst removed which wasn't a surprise because it was detected on the ultrasound. Most likely this is not anything to worry about. She also had some endometriosis which was burned off during the surgery. We hope that was the cause of some of her symptoms assumed to be associated with her diabetic gastroparesis. She was not very hesitant going into this surgery because she felt like something screwy was going on in there.

It's hard sitting here in utah while my sis is in ny recovering from surgery. But it is nice to know that she is in good hands with my little sisters and all her friends helping out. One of her friends (and next door neighbor) scrubbed in on her surgery and assisted as the Physician Assistant. And she was right at home in the hospital where she works. I woke up a few times during the night to check the clock. And when I knew she was in surgery, my heart kind of stopped for a moment as I realized there was no going back for her. It's a little scary, maybe because I have to face the same thing. These prophylactic surgeries are so weird. So necessary but at the same time, we could always change our minds at the last minute. It is not like death is going to come tomorrow if we don't have surgery today. Usually. Sometimes after the ooph, some brca+ women get their pathology back only to find out they were in the beginning stages of cancer. How lucky is that? Ovarian cancer is not something to mess with and that is why we put ourselves through such extreme measures to prevent it.

Get well soon, sis!


  1. Hey - doing well! Just remembered to take some Advil (okayed by doc) in case I get sore overnight. Bad thing is I have gained 11 pounds between yesterday's bowel prep and today's surgery. Starting to feel bloated. Brenda says not to worry - my colon is full of water right now, AND my bowel prep didn't work. Wish I was awake during surgery because I hate not knowing all the stuff they did and/or talked about! But Brenda will at least fill me in on important parts.

  2. The bowel prep part of surgery is the worst. Advil only? Wow! I feel like a wuss now, I needed percocet. Hope your wondertwin is feeling great in no time!

  3. Don't forget you took your uterus out too, Teri! That's supposed to be more painful.

  4. Thanks, Teri, I'm doing well. Just a little more bleeding then expected, and not from the incision site, so stopped the Advil. Research shows that different ethnicities feel pain differently, interestingly. More genetic stuff! And pain meds usually make me puke so I try to avoid them cause I feel horrible when I have to puke. I'll have to request morphine if I have the slicing operation!