Tuesday, January 19, 2010

and the truth comes out!

So our friend Jen came up for the weekend to see us and do some skiing, or so the story goes. Found out that what she really was looking forward to was the chili at brighton! Yes, she said as she was sitting on the plane she couldn't wait to get her some of that chili! Can't blame her though, 4 out of 5 of us got the chili on saturday. In fact, I think that is all I ever buy there for lunch. They make a damn good cup of chili and as we also discovered, they have the best brownies (at the coffee cart) I have ever tasted:) The riding was great on saturday. No new snow for awhile but good enough and I felt great. All my work at the gym has paid off for me. I am riding so much better than last year and held out as long as all the skiers. Last year, I had to take a lot of breaks to rest my legs but now I can keep up with the big dogs!

Sunday brought sunny skys (up in the mountains) which was so nice because the valley has been so dark with inversion and fog lately. We went to solitude and while the snow wasn't as good, it was nice to try something new and we had another great day. Solitude is just down the canyon from brighton but the slopes are a little steeper so the snow doesn't stick as well. DW was on fire this weekend! She has such a hard time getting boots that don't hurt her (or even sneakers for that matter) but she was fitted by the manager of the ski shop this time and he got her some that really worked for her. Funny how much better you can ski when your feet aren't screaming out in pain. Last time dw was at the shop the guy had to bring boot after boot out for her before she finally settled on a pair. That guy was hiding in the back when the manager fitted her this time and asked him how many boots she had to try on. Only two this time! Guess the manager knows his stuff!

We got to relax on monday. Had lunch at our favorite breakfast place, ruth's diner with jen, my bro and his wife then went to park city to visit the 2002 olympic museum and site of the bobsled track and ski jumps. Dropped jen off at the airport and she was already trying to figure out if she could squeeze another ski trip in before winter is over. And last nite brighton got 14 inches of new snow so maybe she should come back this weekend!

I am feeling so much better than I did last week. I guess I really do need to keep myself occupied no matter how hard that is sometimes. At least I know what kind of things make me happy. Of course I can't just spend all my time having fun:) Trying to motivate myself to get some things done around the apartment too so I can feel a little more productive. This should be an easier week for me anyway as I only have three days to myself. Thanks Jen for coming out here and lifting my spirits!

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  1. Love the pics!! Glad I could cheer you up-thanks for making the weekend so great! 14 inches-I have to come back and then I could get more chili!