Thursday, January 21, 2010

preparing for whatever comes our way

Still taking things day by day here. DW just applied for her job (which is going from a contract position to a federal position). Don't know what we will do if she doesn't get to keep it but she has applied for other jobs as well. Think I might be able to sign up for cobra coverage and keep my insurance for awhile but we aren't really sure of the details yet. Rescheduled my pbm and reconstruction for May 4th for now while I look into other options. Seeing my gyn/onc and a plastic surgeon next week. Leaning towards getting my ooph done asap and delaying the pbm just because things are so up in the air. Some of the positions dw applied for are for school jobs in cali so if she gets one, it could happen immediately and getting the boobs cut off and new ones glued on is such a big process that it would be better if our situation was a little more settled before we embark on that.

Had a visit with my dietician today. Seeing as I may not have any hormones soon, I am concerned about making sure I get everything I need in my diet in the right amounts, etc to stay healthy. I've only seen this dietician once before, in fact almost a year ago to the day, for some diabetic reeducation stuff. I really liked her so decided to stick with her rather than see someone more experienced with cancer. After meeting with her today, I'm glad I stuck with her. I already knew she is a type 1 diabetic but also turns out she had her ovaries removed about 10 years ago. It is so nice to have a health provider that really understands what you are going through. I had a pcp once that had gestational diabetes and she was one of my favorite docs. They just seem to talk to you a little differently than the others and I listen to them a little more. It feels less like a scolding when the advice comes from someone that understands how difficult it can be to do everything right and how we tend to beat ourselves up when our blood sugars are inevitably not perfect. We discussed hormones and different options like pills and creams and herbs (in case I can't get any meds from my docs), recovery from surgery and how pain can make my blood sugars jump, what to eat if I have no appetite after surgery, how to get more fiber in my diet, and talked about what kind of control I could live with in regards to my sugars. Yeah, I've heard the warnings for years as I am not the best diabetic. I've always been running high and so far have been really lucky with no major complications but I'm ready to tackle that issue and she gave me some really good tips on how to get my a1c down by a whole point pretty easily. I don't think she is too familiar with brca but she thinks I'm so brave and smart for going ahead with my preventative surgeries. It's always nice when people think you are smart and not nuts for doing the slice and gut.

Off to another interview soon. It's just a temporary position with the state so I'm not sure if it is really an interview or a test I need to take. I think I will head into it this time being a little aloof and see how that works. Maybe I won't be so disappointed if I don't get it. Going to have a great weekend regardless. We have received 38 inches of snow in the mountains since last weekend so we will be doing some snowshoeing and some more snowboarding:)

Did a little rearranging of my blog list on the left. I have it sorted by most recently updated now rather than alphabetically since the list is getting so long and it's hard to keep track of. Also added a couple of library blogs. One is dw's on books for tweens that she had to create for one of her classes so "check it out!"

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  1. OK, So how do you do that with your blogroll? I'm on wordpress so may not have the same option, but I've always liked when they show updates, but mine seems to only be able to show in alphabetical order, and doesn't show when it's been updated.. just wondering how you do that?