Tuesday, February 9, 2010

bed sores and tales from the other side

No, I don't have bed sores but I feel like I should! Been sleeping so much this past week. I've had a hard time keeping my eyes open as dw pointed out in her guest post. I have to correct her though, I have closed my eyes more than once with a cup of tea in my hand! Need to stop doing that before I seriously injure myself! I think I am turning the corner today. I haven't had a nap yet and only have a slight inclination to do so. Today marks one week since I had my surgery. It is also the day I was supposed to get my boobs cut off and get them reconstructed. I mentioned in a previous post that I wasn't sure which surgery I was least looking forward to. As I sat and waited last tuesday to have my hysterectomy, I realized that I was relieved that I wasn't there to get my boobs cut off. That surgery still seems very scary to me. Of course, I am going to do it. I know that it's in my best interest given my personal history and my family history. I'm just not really looking forward to it. The recovery is going to be so much worse than what I'm going through now. I hate being a patient and I hate being told that I can't do certain things. This week will be tough on me as I am sleeping less and feel more like doing the things I've always been able to do, but I still have to take it easy. No driving for another week, no household chores for another two weeks and no working out hard at the gym for another three weeks! I don't know how I'm going to stand it but at least I'll have some more options once I can start driving again. Nobody made me do this surgery. I did sign up for it and I knew what I was getting in to. Doesn't mean it was or will be easy. I chose one of my rugby t-shirts to wear out of the hospital. I figured it was only fitting. "Tough rugby love. Sometimes it hurts."

I don't play rugby anymore. It was something I discovered after college and did for about ten years. It is not an easy sport, especially at that age when I was finally discovering that there were other things in life more important than sports. The time commitment was incredible as was the beating on your body and your wallet. But the rewards were more than worth any pain. I liken these surgeries to rugby. Yes, there is going to be some pain, mental and physical, but in the end it is all worth it. My risk of ovarian cancer was about 30% and now I can rest easy. I just got my pathology results back today and I beat the clock! Everything was benign. I don't even know how to process that information. I don't expect good news anymore when I talk to the doc. That's something I can't wait to work on - how to relax! Or chillax, as the kids say today.

I was doing pretty well at the time of my last post. Things started getting worse friday nite. I got really bloated at dinner and then was up many times during the nite with diarrhea. So saturday, I decided to skip the laxatives (I was only taking a half dose anyway). I actually went out on the town that day. Wanted to wear jeans instead of track pants but my incision sites said no. They are much uglier and bigger than I expected. I have three horizontal cuts on my belly about an inch long each plus a cut in my belly button. I also have two little marks just a little bit bigger than a needle, which is more along the lines of what I was expecting for some reason. They aren't particularly painful, just hit the wrong spots when you put clothes on. I have been wearing track pants and folding the waist band down so it doesn't irritate them. DW took me out to the library and to get our dog from my brother. I felt a little nauseous after being in the truck. I may have been sick from not taking the laxatives because I ended up not pooping at all that day. I also was in kind of a cold sweat most of that day and the next morning. Sunday was not too bad. I think I went back on some laxatives and was able to go a couple of times. That nite though I did wake up in a sweat. Not too different from waking up with low blood sugar, so I had to test my blood sugar to make sure if this was just a menopause thing. That is annoying! Normally when I wake up sweating I just get up and eat something. Now I have to figure out why. Monday was the worst day. I had so much gas pain I couldn't even leave the apartment to try and take a walk. Just paced around inside, with occasional unproductive visits to the toilet where I moaned and cursed. Kept hitting the milk of magnesia until I finally got some relief in the afternoon. Of course, that eventually turned into more diarrhea. I prefer the diarrhea to the constipation, but it is tiring. Feeling much better, stomach wise today. These last two days have brought a new symptom. My face feels flushed and hot, for hours at a time. A little uncomfortable but I'd rather deal with that than more gas pain. I'm not taking any drugs yet for the menopause. I'm waiting for things to settle down from surgery and try and see what things are really going to feel like. As for my belly, stopped taking the pain pills and ibuprofen around friday or saturday morning. I am back down to pre-surgery weight and my belly is no longer distended. I'm still walking slower, but I am mostly pain free. The muscles are a little weak still but I don't need help getting up from a chair or bed. My brain is still operating slowly. It took me hours to write this post. I am going to give in now and take a nap. So glad I am a week out from surgery instead of just waking up in recovery!!


  1. hi - I'm still trying to catch up on all of my blog reading. I'm sorry to hear that you had a rough time of it - what is up with the larger than usual cuts that they did? It was laparoscopic, right?

    Don't forget, fatigue is the name of the game right now - I'm taking at least 2 naps a day too! It's just our bodies way of recovering.

    I'm glad you have such a great dw & sister to take such good care of you! It does help so much to have a strong support system. :)

  2. It was laproscopic and I believe robotic. That might be the difference. I'm kind of getting used to the naps and getting to like them! Hope you are healing well and safe at home now!