Wednesday, February 3, 2010

guest blogger - dw (that's me!)

Doctors, surgeries, preventative surgeries, medical insurance, deductibles, co-pays, medical tests, cancer...I never thought I would become so intimate with these words.

Life has changed so much over the last few months with the news of Janine's genetic mutation. Initially the big shock was her breast cancer diagnosis in July.  I thought that once the lumpectomy/treatments was finished that life would return to normal for us - boy, was I wrong! Yesterday Janine had preventative surgery taking out her uterus, tubes and ovaries. Today she's at home walking around gingerly, reading, and dozing off with a mug of hot tea in her hands (she only did this once). She's beginning to regain her sense of humor which is always a treat:)

I'm sure I get under her skin every time I ask if I can help. She can be so stubborn sometimes and want to do everything on her own. Every so often she does let me help her giving me a purpose and making me actually feel useful. It's such a strange feeling to be out of control watching your partner prep for surgery...not a pretty sight by the way...and then actually going through surgery. I would like to announce that I did end up giving her two enemas (one of the nurse's said it was a sign of true love).  (I should add the word enema to the list of words that I never thought I would become intimate with.) the waiting room is no picnic either trying to keep busy and not let your mind wander too much.

Anyways, it's hard to watch the hospital bed, with your loved one, disappear behind closed elevator doors knowing that there are so many uncertainties with surgery. Everything turned out nicely yesterday and the doc came to see me after the surgery and seemed very pleased. Janine was pretty groggy yesterday but eventually was able to get up for a walk down the hall. She sent me home at 9:30pm last night so she could sleep but I know she was watching out for me too.

Lots is happening in our lives right now -- it's actually making me a bit dizzy. I'm trying really hard to hold on to all the positive energy, to keep smiling, and believing that things will turn out right in the end.  Keep your fingers crossed everyone!

p.s. Be careful what you ask dw is starting to boss me around...demanding that I make dinner and bake some brownies. She says she just trying to make me feel useful. yah, right!  :)


  1. I am impressed...I am pretty sure I could count Brian out for help with the enemas! :) We're so glad everything went well and we're sending lots of positive vibes your way. Love you guys!

  2. Nice, 2 enemas! They told me i had to do one before my surgery. I was like noooo way. Now that I think about it. Libbie was all in agreement with me. She was like....that is so dumb, why do you need to do that? It's all making sense why she didn't want me to do it. So, I held off and when I got to the hospital I told the doc I didn't do it. I fig if it was really necessary they would do it then. So the doc said I would be fine, need for the big E. Good thing! For the both of us. Hope your hanging in there TJ. Sometimes it's just as stressful for the person who is not recovering. There is so much on your plate and things to juggle and worry about. Hang in there. KO