Monday, February 15, 2010

the heat after menopause

Got this really funny Hallmark card from dw yesterday! Inside it says "you still get me hot." So fitting in more ways than one! Can't say I've had a hot flash yet but my skin is usually warm or hot now. I can feel the heat escaping from my head. DW thinks she has been perimenopausal her whole life since she has always been hot. I call her my 'toaster.' She always keeps me warm in the winter and I have to push her away in the summer. Don't know what we are going to do now that we are both hot. Maybe get a fire extinguisher for the bedroom or crank up the air conditioner:)

I did run some menopause experiments over the weekend, as I said I would in my last post. This might be too much information for my family and friends but of interest to those of you who are contemplating surgical menopause and those who are just naturally going thru it. I can say that my libido has not disappeared since surgery and it doesn't look like I will need to worry about lubrication. DW wouldn't let me go all the way because she is worried. I'm trying to talk her into next weekend but she prefers to wait until after my doc appointment in two more weeks. God, I hope it goes by quickly! I've been told that things are usually going to be about the same as they were before surgery, so if sex was good before it should be good after. But everyone is different and you never really know until you shut down the estrogen how your body is going to react. Some of us might need a little help after surgery or even if we don't 'need' it, we may want to have some fun and change things up and take our minds off of all our new scars, new boobs and/or loss of body parts. There is a great shop called good vibrations in the san francisco and bay area that has oodles of toys and lubricants. I've been in there and it is very nice and doesn't feel like a skanky porn shop. They also have an online store.

I also experimented with soda and alcohol over the weekend. Had some diet coke around dinner time and I did not experience any hot flashes or night sweats. Had a beer with dinner last nite. This was the first time I had alcohol since the hysterectomy and I didn't get a hot flash or night sweat that evening. I did feel very buzzed after about half a glass though so it might have been a little too soon for me to start drinking. Sometimes I forget that my body needs time to recuperate. I feel pretty good and my energy level is getting better and better every day. I'm not taking naps anymore and I can walk pretty fast. I'm not in pain but I can still feel something where my ovaries used to be. There is some kind of pressure there and I'm sure it would hurt if I started running. I would like to get back to the gym this week and start doing some walking on the treadmill. I have been walking my dog several times a day but that doesn't make me break a sweat. I can tell that this week is going to be tougher on me mentally. My high of having surgery is starting to wear off, I'm not in a sleepy stupor anymore yet I won't be able to go workout hard or even do much around the apartment. I'm not supposed to be doing any cleaning or laundry or stuff like that so not too much for me to do. The olympics are on so that's great! I love watching them, especially the winter games. I'm happy right now but I can feel a little bit of gloom creeping in. Maybe it's just the weather outside. Very overcast. I'm hoping for some sun this week:) That always makes me feel cheerful. I will be able to drive this week so I'm going to have to keep myself busy and plan some fun little day trips. It was really nice getting out of the apartment this weekend!

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