Wednesday, February 24, 2010

it's not paranoia, it's precaution

Things are starting to return to normal. My appetite is getting a little better. It was repressed for the first few weeks. I still wanted to eat but seemed like I got full quicker than normal. Slept on my belly for the first time today and there was no pain or pulling sensation. I'm not noticing the flushed face as much although I still get it. My bowels are starting to behave -yeah! The scabs are starting to come off my incisions and at least two out of three look like they won't leave much of a scar. I'm walking on the treadmill a couple of miles every other day. Still get a little tired once in awhile, that's why I only go to the gym every other day but I do take my dog out a few times a day as well. I have my post-op appointment on Monday and hopefully will get the all clear-all healed message and start doing all my activities again.

Did a lot of running around this weekend since I'm feeling good and have more energy. As we were leaving one store to head to another, an armoured truck pulled right up next to us and I hurried dw out of there. I lamented that I should have used the restroom before we left because the next place we were headed wouldn't have one. DW suggested I go back in and use it. At this point I asked her if she wasn't worried at all that there was an armoured truck at the entrance to the store and was a little surprised to hear that no, she wasn't worried at all. She didn't seem to have a care in the world. Before you mistake me for someone that is afraid of every little thing and life itself, let me explain. Several years ago a mutant and two armoured guards entered a bank. Only one of us walked out of there on our own two feet and one left in a body bag. I'm not afraid to go to the bank or the atm, nor do I run screaming when I see an armoured truck but I like to think that I'm a little wiser for the experience. I don't go looking for trouble. I notice the trucks now and I have waited several times for them to leave before I will walk into a store. I know it is very rare to get caught up in a holdup but really not as rare as you would think. I remember when I lived in minnesota, someone was killed in the middle of the afternoon right in front of target and I think it was an innocent bystander, not even the guard.

So that was on saturday. On sunday, we did some more shopping and low and behold, another damn truck parked right in front of the store we were about to enter. This time dw says "we don't have to go in there, let's go next door." Then the truck pulled away and all was good. I know she was just being sensitive to my needs and if I wasn't there I'm sure she would have just gone right in. This is my segue into my monthly reminder to check your breasts/pecs! I figure most of you ignore me because you just don't relate to what I'm saying. I can't even get the people closest to me to do a self-breast exam. About 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer at some point, most will be older. But why not get in the habit of doing it now and get to know all the little harmless lumps and bumps so that you will recognize when something feels different. Go ahead and feel your boobies, or grab a partner and have some fun:)

While I'm on my soapbox, let me also remind you to take care of yourselves and listen to your bodies. I remember when my mom was dying, a very close friend of my parents found out he had prostate cancer and it was very serious. He had blood in his urine, but for whatever reason, did not go to the doctor. We all do stuff like that. Maybe we don't have insurance, or money or we are afraid or we just don't have time to be sick. Sometimes our problems fix themselves, but in his case the waiting proved fatal. Me, my siblings and my friends are all getting to that age where shit starts to happen to our bodies. Please take the time to see your doctor for a tuneup! Ok, I'm done now, thanks for listening:)


  1. I am so impressed that you've been walking a few miles every other day - that is amazing. I'm feeling a bit like a wimp now, after reading this! Did you get the OK to do that? How fast are you walking? Like, what is your rate of speed? We have a treadmill too and maybe I'll start trying to give it a go too. The weather has been crappy here lately, and walks outside don't sound inviting at all.

    I remember a few months back you wrote about the armored truck experience. I wasn't able to comment right away, and when I went back later to do it, it was gone. I knew it wasn't just my imagination. You are one tough chick, you know that?

    I'm really happy to hear that you are moving on, and getting better? Remember not so long ago when you were worried about doing this, and now it's almost behind you.

    You have a lot to be proud of. :)

  2. Your surgery was WAY more major than mine, remember that! Plus I don't have any kids to suck my energy from me:) And I'm not on any pain pills so that helps. I am doing two miles at about 2.7. Started at about 2.4. My usual walking pace was 3.6 but I don't want to push it. Takes me about 45 minutes. My doc said I could do easy stuff that doesn't jostle anything and I could do some light arm lifting if it doesn't work my core but I don't think that exists so I haven't done any. I do remember how much I agonized over these surgeries and I am so much happier right now:) That pbm still scares me though! You are one strong chick,don't forget it!