Thursday, February 18, 2010

taking timeout for fun

Last weekend dw and I went eagle watching at farmington bay. Tried to do this last year but waited too long and missed them all although we were lucky enough to see one fishing by the side of the road when our friend jc was here. I was about a week and a half out from surgery last weekend and I think I was still feeling a little tired but I can't even remember now how my belly felt. It was great getting out in nature and seeing these awesome birds! They are so beautiful, majestic and powerful. It was funny watching them hang out with the seagulls. The gulls were so noisy and the eagles never said a word. I was expecting the eagles to take a swipe at the gulls just to get them to shut up but no blood was shed.

Wow, seems like surgery was so long ago! I had to triple check the calendar because I can't believe I am only two weeks and two days out from surgery. The whole hospital thing, gas pains and discomfort is almost a blur in my memory. I have to be really careful about my movements because I feel almost back to normal. The problem is if I try and get up using only my abs or try and pick up something that is too far out of my reach I am reminded that things inside me aren't healed yet. Caught dw staring at me last nite and thought she was admiring my hot bod but instead she said "you're walking like normal!" Yes, to the unsuspecting eye, I am perfectly normal. I feel good. Still a little tired but not enough to take naps anymore. I've gone out every day this week driving on different errands. I've snuck in a little bit of household chores although I'm not supposed to:) I've only had the one night sweat so far and no hot flashes. Still getting a flushed face and generally warmer than usual. But nothing really to complain about. I thought it would be a lot worse and maybe I will experience more as time goes by but I can definitely handle things as they are. 
I felt pretty happy this week. I was perfectly content reading, watching the olympics and getting out for my daily errand. I've come a long way from those early days when I first learned what brca was and was totally devastated. My insomnia has disappeared. My attention span has returned. I'm starting to look ahead and past this thing. I guess you could say I have finally accepted it.


  1. This post made me very happy to read!!! :)


  2. Hi Janine!

    I'm glad you're feeling so good! Those eagles look beautiful!

    Love you,


  3. I awarded you TWO blog awards - you have to come by to check them out. :)