Saturday, March 27, 2010

I am back! (fuck you brca)

I had such a great day today! Went snowboarding for the first time in about 8 weeks. I am about 7 1/2 weeks out from surgery and have been itching to go. I decided not to try it last weekend, even though our friend was here and went last saturday and sunday with dw. I had to take it easy for a little while because I had some bleeding but I did well the last two weeks and started back at the gym. Did a little weight lifting without any problems and just had to get out on the slopes today because the weather is great and the ski areas will be closing soon. My main concern was that snowboarding would be too hard on my abs since I've spent all this time trying not to use them. But right from the first run, I could hardly tell anything was different. My next concern was that my legs would crap out since I haven't done anything harder than walking on the treadmill for two months now. Much to my delight, I tore it up just as well as before surgery! Kept up with my brother and dw all day and hit the showers just one run before them. I thought I would have to take it easy and just enjoy the weather and the chance to snowboard again and be happy with that but it was so uplifting to find out that I haven't lost all my muscle and stamina that I've worked so hard these past several months to get. I've been a little frustrated not being able to do everything that I'd like to and knowing that I have more surgery ahead of me and more damn recovery time. I'm ready to be done and make some fun plans for the summer and get on with my life. So anyway, today felt really good.

It's been a great weekend all around. March madness is going on here in salt lake and my favorite team, the sryacuse orange (formerly orangemen) were here. Decided to go over to the arena after work thursday and try and get some cheap tickets. Talked a guy down from $100 to $50 for two tickets in the nosebleeds. Well, I didn't really talk him down, I just walked away and told him I couldn't pay that much. I told him I only had $60 but he must not have heard me cuz he said he would take $50. The face value was $85 for each ticket so we made out well and got to see butler vs syracuse and kansas state vs xavier. Syracuse ended up losing but we still had a great time and the loss didn't bother me as much as it has in the past. I guess I've learned that there are worse things that could happen. And there's always next year! I fell in love with the orange 25 years ago when I was first diagnosed with diabetes and ended up in the hospital for a week in the middle of march. Basketball was on night and day and although I played on my high school basketball team, I had never really watched it before so I learned a lot that week! I love cuse's run and gun style of play and all the dunks and alley-oops.

Received some great news on thursday from wondertwin. She had a biopsy this week on a questionable spot that turned up on her mri and subsequent ultrasound. 2 out of 3 people weren't worried about it but because of her brca status, they did the biopsy. Turns out it was just some fatty fibroid tissue. So now she has a bruised breast but peace of mind and is back on track for trying to schedule her pbm. A couple of weeks ago she got her first tattoo. She was thinking of doing some sort of med id tattoo for diabetes but came up with a really cool idea and twist on the standard symbol.
Here she is beating the shit out of the pink brca snake and fending off the blue diabetic snake. Go wondertwin!


  1. Hey, that tattoo really rocks!

    I didn't know that story about how you came to love the 'cuse... Cool.

    Wondertwin powers, activate.

  2. I love the tattoo! So glad to hear that WT's tests came back all clear. That's great news!

  3. Glad to hear you did so well on the slopes:)

  4. Hey wt, can't wait to see that tattoo in person!

    Yup Teri, great news indeed! Love it when it's good news:) Hope your recovery is almost behind you.

    Jen, we were talking about you on saturday. Dan was wondering if you are going to come up for one more weekend! Gonna go again this weekend, maybe snowbasin or park city. My legs are aching now. Guess I should have been stretching during my time off!

  5. Bri and I have been checking all week for a new post -glad to see you back! Glad you are feeling back to your old self on the slopes. We're so happy about the biopsy, too!

  6. Not getting much computer time now that I'm working again! I guess that's a good thing:) miss you guys

  7. LET'S GO STATE!!!

    Bob and I were wondering if you were going to go to the Syracuse game--glad you got to go!

  8. good stuff. love the tat.

    fyi, thanks to you, i've opened quite the previvor chapter at the office.

    we're narrowing in on our dates for a visit. will talk soon.

  9. really? what's happening at work? Let me know if I can help with anything. Can't wait til you guys swing by:)