Thursday, March 11, 2010

living with uncertainty

Things have been unsettled for awhile now for dw and I. Just before christmas, she found out her job was changing from a contract position to a federal position meaning at the very least, I would lose my health care benefits and even worse, she could lose her job. Now, three months later, we still don't know what is going to happen. She has heard through the grapevine that the army had to offer her job to a veteran since they base hiring on a point system and he has more points due to time served. DW is second on the list so if he declines the job then they will offer her the job. So today is the last day of her contract but no word yet. She will head to work on monday assuming that her job is still there, for now! This situation really distressed me back in december but kind of pushed itself to the back of my head after my breast surgery was cancelled. We have come up with a few plans depending on how things turn out and we're trying not to stress too hard because we have no control over how it plays out. The good news is that I am working again! I got a seasonal job that I had last year, so no benefits, but hopefully about 4 months of work. Still hoping to cut the bitches off sometime this year but can't say for sure when until dw's job situation is clear and I sure don't want to do it while I have a job! So when life gets hard for us we like to head to one of our favorite places in utah, moab. Below are some pics from canyonlands and arches. It was raining when we went to arches and we got to see the place like we've never seen it before, all covered in a fog. It was very cool and what we both imagine ireland must look like. Oh yeah, I'm feeling pretty good! Was able to do a couple of easy hikes last weekend and now at 5 weeks out, I forget to even look at my incisions because I just don't remember they are there. And by the way, I've been adding more blogs to my list on the left so take a look. And I added Jim's photo website under "websites I dig." Stumbled upon his site when I was looking for info on arches fiery furnace hike. He has lots of photo journals of cool hikes and lots of other types of pics such as eagles at farmington bay that I recently blogged about but his pics are so much better! He is an older guy that started hiking to improve his health after heart surgery, so check out his site if you're into nature pics or looking for a good place to hike in utah.


  1. Wow, your pictures are AMAZING. I really need to make my way out to Moab at some point, it looks SO gorgeous.

    I hope everything works out with your wife's job...I'll keep you in my thoughts.

  2. You should see it in person, even better than the pictures! Thanks for the positive vibes