Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the new health care plan

I'm very excited to see what this new health care plan brings. Not really sure how everything will play out and what it really means but it does seem to offer some hope. I've been well aware of 'pre-existing' conditions for many years but only recently learned  that the insurance companies place a life-time limit on how much they will cover you for. This worries me of course because I've racked up plenty of bills over the years and will continue to do so until the day I die and most of my life I've been on some sort of blue cross blue shield plan. Below is an email I received from livestrong about the new plan. I hope it turns out to be  everything a mutant (and everyone else) could ask for!

Why it matters...

Dear Janine,

Top 5 healthcare
It was a long and difficult debate. We didn't always agree on every detail. But we came together around the principle that discrimination against cancer survivors must end. This week, after many years of failed attempts, the President has finally signed into law a reform bill that will balance the scales and give those of us affected by cancer a fair shake when it comes to health care reform.
Do we agree with every provision? No. Did we fight for more in some places and less in others? Yes. But at the end of the day, I'm proud to say this bill will have an enormous positive impact on the lives of cancer survivors.
To drive this point home, our team drafted a list of the five elements of health care reform we can all be excited about that are now the law of the land. Will you take a quick look at the Survivor's Top Five below and share it with your friends and family? It's important that we all know what's in this critical new law:
Survivor's Top Five—Health Care Reform
  1. "Pre-existing" conditions are history. As soon as this year for kids, and for all individuals by 2014, no insurance plan can deny you because you're fighting cancer or any other illness.
  2. You can't lose your insurance when you need it most. Within six months, no person can be dropped from their insurance plan when they receive a diagnosis of cancer or any other disease.
  3. An end to "lifetime caps" on your benefits. You won't have to worry about your benefits "running out" as you're fighting to take care of yourself or a family member.
  4. More coverage for young adults. Beginning in six months, you can stay on your parents' coverage up to the age of 26.
  5. Support for clinical trials. By 2014, the law will prohibit new health plans from dropping or limiting coverage just because an individual is enrolled in a clinical trial.
Passage of this bill is historic, but just the beginning. We're going to continue our work as this law is implemented to push for policies that reduce the prevalence of cancer and support survivors. It's not always easy or neat, but it's important work. And with your help—like the more than 100,000 of you who supported our campaigns on health reform—we'll keep pushing for victories that lead us to a world without cancer.
Thank you and LIVESTRONG,
Doug Ulman, President and CEO, and the LIVESTRONG Action Team

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