Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Got a lot of people on my mind lately so I thought I'd give them all a shout-out:

-first off to my little sis: happy birthday!
-and happy birthday a day early to a friend of ours!
-happy birthday in a couple days to my dear mom, gone but never forgotten:)
-hi to a friend that is under bed rest for the next ten weeks:(  hang in there girl, hope it goes by fast
-shout-out to my dw who gets to keep her job and will soon be a federal employee. Love you, I know you were sort of hoping you could collect unemployment for awhile but thanks for working so hard!
-best wishes to a coworker of mine who had a questionable mammogram six months ago and has a follow up mammo this week. I know her mind is already gone to that dark place because she asked me about my surgeon and chemo (which I didn't need, thankfully)
-fingers crossed for someone near and dear to me that has to have a biopsy next week just as she was trying to get her pbm scheduled. 2 out of the 3 people that viewed the film said not to worry so hoping they are right. Hang in there girl and don't let the brca bastard get you down
-and to the rest of you, always thinking of you and hoping that everything is well and you are enjoying life

My hyst/ooph update six weeks out:
Had another follow up visit with my nurse practitioner last friday and given the ok to resume my normal activities. Even said I could give snowboarding a try as she tried to pantomime the movements, confessing that she never had been but imagined it would be a workout on my abs. So I did step up my workouts just a tiny bit and added the exercise bike on friday and just a little bit of lifting with my legs at the gym on saturday. Really didn't do too much and couldn't even feel it in my muscles afterward. Yet 24 hours later I started bleeding. I have been spotting just a tiny bit every day for the last couple of weeks but they expect some spotting as the stitches dissolve and everything looked good at my visits. I still had one more suture in me that hadn't dissolved as of last friday. I didn't even do anything on sunday except go out to eat and see a movie but late in the afternoon, just as I was about to go to costco, I noticed blood in the toilet and a little heavier than normal spotting. This made me a little nervous and I put on a maxi pad and waited a little to see what would happen. I didn't want to talk to the doctor because I didn't want to have to miss my first day at work on monday and wasn't sure what she would say. My post-op instructions say to call if I experience anything heavier than what the first day of your period would be like. I didn't bleed at all for almost the first three weeks so it did concern me a little but I decided to go shopping anyway and try and leave a message for my doc so that she would call me on monday (after I was at work). However, a live person answered the phone because the doc has an answering service. I wasn't prepared to talk to anyone so I said I had the wrong number and hung up! Did my shopping, came home and discovered I was still bleeding. Not what is considered heavy, which is saturating a pad in an hour or less. More like slow and steady so I fessed up to dw who scolded me for going shopping and called the answering service back and was paged through to my nurse practitioner. I was told to go on "pelvic rest" for the rest of the evening and call back in the morning, unless I didn't stop bleeding, in which case I would need to go to the emergency room. So stayed in bed for the rest of the night and didn't have any more bleeding by the morning. Now I am told to really take it easy this week and not even walk for very long. Good thing I am back at work and it is very sedentary. I only get up when I pretend I need to use the bathroom! On top of that I came down with a cold so I don't even feel like working out anyway. Guess I won't feel too bad when our friend gets here this weekend and she and dw go off skiing without me. Now pondering whether I will be able to handle a backpacking trip in about 30 days. Just don't know if I will be able to handle sleeping on the ground, carrying a 25-30 pound pack and hiking for about 10 miles a day. Guess I will have to play it by ear and see how the next couple of weeks go. Patience is not one of my virtues but it is something that I am learning.


  1. It keeps feeling like Spring is here, and a few days ago I thought "Oh, feels like camping weather!" Haven't been camping in ages but really want to go again, even though just car camping. Suddenly realized I will probably be in too much pain this summer after pbm to sleep on the cold hard ground... We'll see.

    Make dw carry 2 packs and you'll be fine!

    Love, wondertwin

  2. Maybe you can come out here this summer and we'll get a cabin in moab:) dw's pack is always heavier than mine. don't think she'll want to carry two!

  3. omg, Janine! I'm so sorry to read that - how scary! Did they examine you at all, or just put you on bed rest? I seriously would have freaked out! Please keep us posted on how you are doing, ok?

    March sounds like a busy month for you & yours! One of my brothers has a birthday coming up on 3/19 too...I keep having a bad feeling I'm going to forget - must. not. forget. That'd make me a bad sister! ;)

    Anyway, please take it easy and rest, rest!!

  4. As you know, Teri, resting sucks! But I shouldn't complain cuz I'm not stuck in bed for ten weeks like my friend.

  5. Hi Janine!

    Just spent some time catching up on your life! Are you feeling normal again, going to work everyday? Hope the bleeding stopped. Spring is definitely springing around here! The crocuses are up and the daffodils are next. I am trying to do some spring cleaning because we are thinking about selling the house. I hate to leave this place but the city school district is falling apart.

  6. Hmmm, do I feel normal again now that I'm going to work everyday? No. I actually feel happy getting up at 4:30 in the morning, picking out something to wear and getting ready to go to my incredibly boring job. That is not normal for me! I am enjoying it though.