Tuesday, March 2, 2010

snow day!

Who doesn't love a snow day?! I remember the feeling as a kid, anxiously waiting to see if the forecast would be true that massive amounts of snow would fall from the sky forcing schools to close! You'd wake up in the morning and listen to the news as they called off all the names of the schools that were closed that day. It pretty much felt like christmas if your school was on the list! It was a double bonus: not only would school be canceled but we'd also have tons of new snow to play in. If we were really lucky, we'd get a couple of snow days in a row! Even more time to keep putting off the homework that never got finished:) Later in life I learned that kids aren't the only ones that look forward to snow days - the teachers do as well, if not more!
Now that I'm an adult how do I capture that feeling again? Work usually expects you to show up even if the schools are closed. I remember one time before a big storm was to hit, we were told to get up early so if we needed to shovel we would still get to work on time. Nice! But we were dealing with deadlines so what are you going to do. And if you live somewhere warm, you never have that hope of a snow day. An earthquake day or hurricane day just doesn't seem as exciting. There are some things that give me joy similar to the snow day. I absolutely love taking a half day off on a beautiful sunny day and going to see a baseball game. Most teams have day games every so often. Not much beats sitting in the sun, sipping a beer, knowing that everyone else is still at work:) Some people are lucky to work at places that expect you to call in "well" instead of sick. If it is a gorgeous day or an epic powder day, they expect you to come in late or not at all.

Life is more than just working and paying the bills. It is easy to sweat all the normal day to day stuff and get caught up in the grind. It is easy to put off all the fun stuff and let time slip away. I've spent all this time worrying about surgeries and lamenting body parts that I am going to lose or have lost already and then I am reminded that this kind of stuff happens all the time, even to non-mutants. I know two people in the last two months that underwent laproscopic surgery to remove ovarian cysts. At least one of them lost an ovary in the process. They have to go thru the same recovery process as me, although they might not have had as much time to plan it. I'm not saying that everyone needs to start worrying and run around in a panic. My point is that we can only do what we can do to try and stay healthy. The rest is out of our hands. Don't forget to live in the meantime. Go and find your own snow day and have some fun.



  1. That was the perfect snow day (although we would've liked more snow!): the snow was nice and wet - just right for building snowmen and forts - and it wasn't too cold out. Nice pics K!

    Great post as always,J9. Love ya, Katie

  2. What wonderful advice! I absolutely love how you wrapped this post up!

  3. Good points Janine! Katie- precious one of you and Iz. My favorite is the one of Maddie pulling Izze in the snow. Say hello to the dw. Man I miss you guys. Take care.


  4. Oh after reflecting a bit on your post...how you said sometimes we just can't control things in terms of what will happen to our health. I do agree that is true to an extent. Although, the biggest thing I have learned is with the several surgeries and some small health issues I've had over the years is that we have to be in charge of ourselves. Recognize when something is wrong or seems off and goto the Dr. if the dr blows you off be persistant. In my case, I thought it was strange I had back problems and some other issues (I won't get into). Talked to my doc and I literally asked her to approve an ultra sound. I had a feeling that it was a cyst becasue I had one before. The cyst was even larger than anticipated so if it burst I could have had even more problems. Ofetn times we just think Dr.'s have all the answers, but they can overlook things. So if we ask questions and bring things to their attention they are more often to respect our wishes. As patients we have rights because afterall it is our body!

  5. Too true! We really have to be our own advocate. We have to do some research and if the doctor isn't listening or the answers just don't sit well with you, find another doctor. You know, I never had a gyno before this, I always just had my primary doc do everything. And I've been considering dropping my oncologist because I can get blood drawn anywhere but now I realize that the more docs I can bounce my questions off, the better. No doc knows everything.