Sunday, April 11, 2010

outplay, outwit, outlast

After another great day on the slopes I was too tired and sore to sleep so spent some time tonight catching up on one of my shows, survivor. For those of you who may not watch tv, this show has nothing to do with cancer! It is about living with a bunch of smelly strangers for 30 days with little food, water or comfort and trying to get them to vote you the winner in the end so you can go home with a million bucks along with all your bug bites.

I readily admit that I love tv and I don't see anything wrong with that. Last year at this time, I applied for a job at an outdoorsy company that stated on their website something to the effect that if you love tv don't bother working there. What? Whatever. I am an active person that uses most of the shit they sell but I also find some time to watch tv. My cell phone even has a tv on it, although I'm not paying for that service at the moment. Are you going to tell me not to read? Because that is more of a time drain for me than tv. I try not to get too many books out of the library because while a tv show won't stop me from going outside and enjoying good weather, a book might. I can't put down a good book until I finish it. Sorry dog, you're going to have to hold it. Ever since I could read I've snuck a book and a flashlight into bed with me. Does that mean I shouldn't work for your company because I don't spend every free minute trying to climb the highest mountain? I enjoy stretching out on the couch and taking in some entertainment and encourage everyone to try it once in awhile!

Back to survivor: For those of you who do watch the show, man, who else thinks this is the best season yet?! I mean, I haven't watched every season but this one is my favorite so far. So much conniving amongst just about all the survivors, except maybe poor old coach. He just doesn't get that it is just a game! And the battles between the villains and heroes are fierce. Hard to tell who the real 'villians' are! Loved that last challenge in the mud. Rupert was priceless with his mud beard. They could make a tide commercial from that episode.

As much as I enjoy the show and like camping and am good at sports and would love to try some of the challenges and am good at lying, I wouldn't want to be on the show. For one thing, I'm pretty bitchy when I'm tired and they don't get a lot of sleep. I'm also bitchy when I'm hungry and they don't eat a lot. I also would hate to be outside all day without my sunscreen. And you hardly see any of them wearing glasses so some of them must be wearing contacts, yet how do they take care of them? You never see them with a bar of soap so how could they possibly be putting their contacts in every day? And what do the women do with their tampons? (not that I have to worry about that anymore) They don't have toilets or garbage cans out there.

But the number one reason I wouldn't want to be on the show is the water. They just don't have enough of it. Last season they showed russell dumping out people's canteens of water in the middle of the night because he wanted to create some trouble. I wouldn't dump them out. I would be sneaking drinks from them. I love to drink. I live to drink. Not just when my blood is sweet, but anytime. Don't mess with my 32oz nalgene. I bring it with me most places, unless I'm toting my 70oz camelbak. You should see me at work! During my 10 1|2 hour shift I down one nalgene of iced tea then refill it twice with water, have a 12oz can of carbonated flavored water, 8oz of joint juice and a 20oz diet pop. Ahh, the soda at work! My workplace has the best soda machines that carry almost everything. As someone that drinks diet soda, I'm usually limited to one or two choices at best. But my workplace carries diet coke, diet coke with lime, coke zero, diet pepsi, diet mountain dew, diet sunkist, diet dr pepper and diet sprite. It's like I've died and gone to heaven!

So who do you think is going to win survivor? Russell has made some pretty good moves so far! I'm sure boston rob is pretty pissed he got outplayed by him. And he sure pulled one over on tyson.


  1. I don't watch Survivor now but did back in the day when Rupert and Boston Rob were on. I'm assuming that this is a series for past contestants to come together? I did want to comment though because it seems that we have lots in common. I too would sneak a flashlight under the covers to read to my heart's content and also am a huge "drinker" I literally drink from the moment I get up until the moment I go to sleep and even have that water bottle on the nightstand for sips when I wake up flashing. Oh yah... and that mutation thing too....

  2. Hi brca1+! Just added your blog to my list. I'll have to catch up on it sometime during the week. DW hogs the computer on the weekends for homework. Yes, this season is a cast of former survivors and they have made it much more interesting by giving them a label of hero or villain. The teams really hate each other.

  3. russell. not that i want him to, but he has a very good chance.