Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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I was surprised to read that a musician I like, Guru, died this week after a year-long battle against multiple myeloma. I had just pulled out his album, Jazzmatazz this past weekend and listened to it. It is a favorite in my collection. I have to admit that I can never remember his name so I file the cd under j for jazzmatazz. I didn't even know that he has several volumes of Jazzmatazz so I am eager to check out the rest of them. His music is a mix of jazz and hip hop and is perfect to listen to when chilling on the porch or poolside.

Here is a link to one of his songs, When You're Near.

I have to thank my brother for introducing me to Guru. I first listened to the cd here in utah either on my stopover when I was moving to cali or on a subsequent visit. It was one of several cds in my brother's car and once I slipped it in the player, I was in love. Later I asked him who that was again because I wanted to buy it and he sent me a copy for my birthday. Ever since I can remember, my brother has loved music and books. You could often find him laying on the floor, reading with headphones on. He doesn't just stick to one genre and often introduces new music to me. He introduced me to rap when he gave me a run-dmc tape that he was through with back in the 80's and they have been my favorite group ever since and rap/hip-hop remains my favorite genre to this day. Not surprisingly, my brother is now a librarian and he gets to select the music holdings at his branch!

When faced with death, one wonders what impact has their life had on others. Will I be remembered? Have I done anything worthwhile for others? What was my purpose in life? When a musician dies, they leave a lot behind. I listen to dead rappers everyday...tupac, biggie smalls, jam master jay, dolla. Their music still grabs me, makes me dance, sing, laugh, cry, relate, shake, rattle and roll. Long live Guru.

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