Tuesday, May 11, 2010

there's more than one way to tell us apart

When we were little, wondertwin and I were pretty identical. We asked one time how did my parents know that they didn't mix us up at some point and were told that they could tell us apart by a birthmark I used to have. In grade school we wore matching uniforms. To tell us apart, my sister and I had to wear necklaces with our initial on them. As we grew up, it was easier to tell us apart. Once, while visiting dw's relatives, her grandmother announced that she could tell us apart because I was the fatter one! Well, there is a new way to tell us apart now, granny. We could simply lift our shirts. I'm the one with nipples:)

WT is back at home and doing great. Very cheery in fact, so I guess the drugs are working! First thing she said to me was, "Piece of cake. You can do it!" And she has said that about a thousand more times now. She can't wait to get a look at her 'chest in process' this friday. She underwent non-nipple sparing pbm with expanders.

Here is a picture of wt shortly after waking up from surgery, very alert. She sends her thanks to all the well-wishers.

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  1. Love how you are seeing the humor in it! So glad to hear she's doing so well!