Thursday, July 22, 2010

hell yeah, life is awesome!

Got a letter in the mail today from my hospital. Figured it was either a bill or results from my mammogram that I had on monday. It was my results. I passed my mammo! I opened it up as I was walking my dog and tears of relief and joy ran down my face and I really didn't care who saw me crying. I am so happy! Yeah! I've been waiting for the dreaded phone call all week. The one where they tell you to come in so they can get another look at your boob because something weird is up. Not this time! No biopsy for me. Means that I can go ahead with my trip next weekend to the narrows. A biopsy would have kept me out of the water for two weeks. No lumpectomy or mastectomy in my near future means I can keep on working at the coolest job in the world! After my seasonal, incredibly boring (but much appreciated) job with the state ended I picked up a summer job at the garden I have been volunteering at. I get to be outside all day, taking care of beautiful flowers and working with great people, and I get paid for it! Life cannot get much better than this. Even though a week after I started working full time, my hands started bothering me in a kind of carpal tunnel way and I can't make a fist in the morning, I don't care. It has kept me off my bike but that is just temporary. I go to physical therapy on my day off and it is getting me through the week. This job is so mentally worth it. I smile all day long, even though it has hit 100 a couple of times it doesn't bother me. Every day at least one visitor thanks us for a job well done. Little kids run around (I work in the children's section) and scream, "hey you guys you gotta check this out!" or "I love this place!" Mothers bring their children and remark on how it is so much less chaotic than taking them to the zoo. And I have to brag, our children's section is so cool even adults like it. We have one volunteer that works here every day. He says the people are great and it is cheaper than therapy. I have to agree with him. I haven't even thought about going to therapy since I started here full time. This is therapy. I come home exhausted every night but happy and satisfied and filthy! I love getting dirty. I kind of look like pig pen by the time the day is over. I feel like a kid again (except for my aching bones)!

The one funny (odd, ironic) thing about my job is that it sits right above myriad, the place where our brca tests go to and the place that has a patent on our genes. So some mornings, when I get to work before the gate has been unlocked, I sit and wait in my truck, the one with a f*ck brca sticker on it, and watch all the people piling into the myriad lot on their way to work. One can never really get away from the frickin brca reminders! It's everywhere. But it ain't bothering me today.


  1. So glad you love your job! You deserve it. Love you. wt

  2. That's the perfect job for you - so glad you got it!!! Love and Miss you guys! Katie and gang