Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my drug addiction

As you can see by the picture, I have a drug problem. I shoot up at least 3 times a day, sometimes more, ideally 4 but I try and skate by without my lunch shot. I poke my fingers at least 4 times a day, ideally more but heck, I get so sore and it's such a bore. Damn, I'm in a happy mood today! So where's this story going? I went to see a nutritionist yesterday. Not my regular one, whom I love, but the free one at the big cancer house. Yes, my insurance covers a nutritionist but I have to pay a $30 copay and I see so many docs it really starts to add up so I love to take advantage of free stuff. And besides, this one specializes in cancer crap. My main goal was to find a way to replace some of my supplements with real food. I'm taking a daily multi-vitamin, fish oil, glucosamine and calcium with vitamin d along with my insulins, thyroid med and pills to protect me from heart/kidney/artery disease that can be complications of diabetes. Have I mentioned that I hate medicine? When I was younger I couldn't even swallow aspirin and now I take pills that could choke a horse. Back when I took just 2 tiny pills I tried taking a multi-vitamin but stopped because mentally I felt I was overmedicated. I take 9 pills now and it just blows my mind. Physically, I feel great and can't tell I am on anything but I still have a hard time taking all this shit. I think I was a christian scientist in my last life or hoping to be one in my next life I guess.

My appointment didn't go exactly the way I planned. Turns out that the nutritionist likes all the supplements I'm on. The fish oil (omega-3 fatty acids) is thought to be good for your heart and brain and may reduce the risk of some cancers including breast cancer. It's not that easy to get my daily dose (1000mg) in through diet and it's thought that the body actually uses it better through the pill form anyway. I take 1200mg of calcium with vitamin d added in. That is the recommended daily allowance for me in my new post-menopause state for bone health. I have to take this in two doses because the body can only absorb about 600mg at a time. Looks like I might be able to get about half my needs in by diet and drop it down to one pill. I'm not sure I can cram enough calcium in my diet to do away with both pills but I can go day by day and substitute a pill as needed if I'm not eating enough. The nutritionist flat out said that she recommends all adults to take a multi-vitamin for general health since it is hard to eat a diet so well-balanced as to get all the weird stuff like magnesium and manganese, etc. She did say to beware of some of the brands which offer up 300% of your daily needs. 100% is just fine. That leaves the glucosamine for joint health. She said there are no studies proving its effectiveness but some people swear by it. I've been taking this on and off for several years because of the beating my body has taken from various sports. I personally can't tell if it works for me. DW swears it helps her feel better but she thinks that joint juice (liquid form) works better than a pill. I started taking it again when I started working at the garden because I ache now and might as well give it a shot. Once I stop working so hard and my body feels better I'm probably going to stop taking it again since it's the only thing I can really cross off of my drug list.

In conclusion, my nutritionist said she really thinks I should continue to take the multi-vitamin and the fish oil and that I really should try and get 1200mg of calcium in my diet, which means I will probably need to take at least one 600mg pill. But she says it is good to try and eat a large variety of vegetables and fruits anyway not only because of the low fat/calorie benefits but because of all the phytochemicals that help support overall health and offer some cancer protection. She also showed me a pretty cool website that helps you track the nutritional value of what you eat each day if you fill out a daily log. Say for example you ate cheerios, a banana and milk for breakfast. You click on your serving size and it figures out what percentage of your daily recommended vitamins/nutrients you had as well as calories, fat, etc. I'm going to fill it out for a week or so and then email it (there is a feature that allows you to email your data to other people) to my nutritionist so she can give me some advice on how to work on any deficiencies. It is called NutritionData and it is free.

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  1. Sounds like your nutritionist is pretty cool. I love when the medicals work with you instead of just telling you what to do. Gotta check out that website, too.