Friday, October 8, 2010

it's boob awareness month

Turned on a football game over the weekend and had to smile at all the nfl guys wearing pink for breast cancer awareness. It's october already which means that it is boob awareness month. I like math so of course I started crunching some numbers in my head. If the meadowlands, which holds 82,500 fans, were filled with average-risk women then about 10,300 of those women will get breast cancer in their lives (and 1,237 will get ovarian cancer). Let's say it were filled with brca+ women, then 41,250 to 70,125 women in the stands will end up with breast cancer (and 8,250 to 41,250 with ovarian cancer).

I think I feel a little more comfortable this october seeing all the breast cancer stuff out there. Maybe because it seems like we are making strides this year. Many new findings have come out recently that give me hope that things are getting better and we are coming closer to understanding the mutations. The more we understand about how a mutation works, the closer we get to finding a way to stop it. Recently they have been able to isolate the brca2 protein and they may have found a way to repair the brca1 mutation.

What do you think of when you see all the pink breast cancer stuff in the stores? Before I was diagnosed with bc I would see the pink stuff and think of my sis-in-law, the one who survived breast cancer. I would think about getting her something pink and cute because after all, don't all bc survivors need another pink thing to make them feel good or special? In fact, when I bought a new mattress one year (must have been in october) I received a pink sheep which I did send to her! I feel a little stupid now:) Yes, it is good that breast cancer is getting so much attention and some of that pink money must (I hope) trickle down to cancer research or cancer programs but I think we are forgetting the big picture. BOOB AWARENESS! I'm obviously aware of my boobs, are you? I mean, are you aware of your boobs?! I talk about mine all the time and now even think about them in the most random situations. I had to stop at the nevada/cali border for an agriculture check point on my drive here and open up my trailer. The guy told me to only open it a couple of inches otherwise I wouldn't be able to shut it again. He peeked under a one inch opening and said I could go even though he couldn't really see into the trailer. Same thing happened to dw on her drive here. My first thought was why do they bother making us open it a little and pretend they can see in? It's like having a mammogram but not having anyone read the film. Then I got to cali and we pulled our king mattress out of storage. I wanted to vacuum it but it is so large I didn't really know how to tackle the job until it dawned on me to break it down into quadrants as if I was performing a self breast exam. Do any of you (non-brca+) even do self-breast exams? Do any of you go and get your mammo every year? Do you all know what your family history is? When you see the pink stuff this year, please reach for your boobs and cop a feel (but try not to get arrested). And no, you don't need to send me any pink stuff unless it's really, really cool!


  1. I have to admit, I'm seeing more pink this year. I'm guessing that's because I notice it more now, since my diagnosis.
    Breast Cancer Awareness was an important cause to me, personally, long before I knew anyone with the disease. I figure, any money raised for any cancer research is important, but lately I'm wondering if all the pink will eventually have the opposite effect: will people get so used to seeing it that they just stop noticing? I really, really hope not. That would kind of defeat the whole "awareness" thing.

  2. I'm still mad! They cut my boobs off and I didn't get anything (except a horrible bra that my insurance paid $195 for), and my friend just went in for a routine mammo and got a cool lunchbox (like the one I just paid $10 for at the Making Strides walk).

  3. You're so funny, wt! I gave you a cool t-shirt and you got those awesome scars;)