Sunday, December 5, 2010

christmas in cali

It's a little different my second time around in cali. The first time I moved here it was at the beginning of the summer. By the time winter rolled around I was used to cali and didn't miss the snow too much. And I had come from minneapolis. A frozen tundra in the winter with very little decent skiing close by so I wasn't missing much. Now, after spending the last five winters in ny and utah, with an abundance of snowshoeing and snowboarding, we are experiencing a bit of loss here. The christmas lites on the houses are pretty but seem out of place among the palm trees and green lawns. We saw dozens of cars today sporting christmas trees on the roof racks. Just not the same when it is almost 70 degrees out!

We've been stressed out lately by various things and feeling a little homesick so decided to make some fun this weekend. We went and saw the movie 127 hours yesterday. It's the story about the guy that was doing some rockclimbing in canyonlands (utah) and got his arm stuck between a boulder and a rock wall and had to cut it off to save his life. We wanted to go see it so we could enjoy some utah scenery and it was full of beautiful shots of slickrock and slot canyons! Then today, instead of feeling sorry for ourselves that we have no snow and no money to drive to tahoe to enjoy that snow, we decided to take a drive to half moon bay and enjoy the ocean instead. We both love the water and are living inland right now instead of in oakland, so we don't get to see it everyday. It turned out to be a really nice day with just a little rain and pretty warm out. The leaves are still gorgeous here and some farms still have pumpkins laying in the fields. Doesn't feel like december yet here but I know all our friends and family in ny, mn and ut are saying something different!


  1. Hi Guys! It looks beautiful there! Brian would trade places with you in a heartbeat. Especially after wrestling with the snowblower for over an hour today after he accidentally ran over our welcome mat with it. He had to pull, cut and force it out bit by bit in 20 degree weather (which will seem warm in another month). There, does that make you feel better? :) You've got a million more winters ahead of you so you should just try to suck it up and enjoy the rotten warm snowless ones. The cold will always be waiting for you! We miss you! Love Katie and all

  2. Miss you guys! Wish you were here enjoying the frigid weather with us. :) wondertwin

  3. I'll trade my snow for your beach. =) Nice photos!