Monday, January 31, 2011

just waiting

Looks like I haven't posted in awhile! It's been a busy month. Still looking for a job. I have never filled out so many applications in my life with so little results. I guess the economy is still rebounding because I used to be able to get any job I wanted. At this point I have started to apply for accounting jobs again in addition to cna jobs. We'll see what I end up with. There are quite a few cna jobs out there but they all want people with experience and since so many people are looking for work they don't need any rookies.

I have become very familiar with kaiser in the month of january. As I expected, no free parking at the facilities here. I knew utah was abnormal. Every hospital there not only had free parking, but valet free parking! But I found street parking about a 5-10 minute walk away. I figure I have already saved $20 with the amount of times I have gone in this month. Been to my diabetic educator a couple of times and now I remember why I usually stop trying to control my blood sugars - it's damn frustrating! Our body is an amazing machine (as I've been learning in my a&p class) with so many variables going on and they all affect the diabetes. It is much easier to fail when you don't try then to fail when you are making an effort. Not that I'm failing all the time, my numbers are getting better. But there are some days where I poke my finger and I get a crazy high or low number that doesn't make any sense and I just have to say wtf?

Anatomy and Physiology class: it's been one week (2 classes - 6 hours). Loving it so far! This is good news since my biggest complaint about school is that I don't like sitting in class. But so far, I haven't been bored or staring at the clock or contemplating skipping or leaving the classroom to take some breaks. I've already picked up a brain with the spinal cord attached and dissected a rat. Best thing of all is that I didn't have to buy any books. My professor lets us use old editions so wt is sending me her text and lab book, saving me $314! DW has an old anatomy coloring book with hardly any of it colored in so I'm using that as well. That is one of my favorite books, since I love to color! I did decide to drop my chem class for now. I haven't been in school for a long time so didn't want to overdue it. I'm glad I dropped it since we have been busy moving. Now in oakland and enjoying it so far. The dog is adjusting to the grassless sidewalks and steep hills and is enjoying all the new smells.

Been busy waiting this month with this surveillance thing. I had my mri at last a week ago. I was pretty nervous since there was an area my bs was worried about. They didn't find anything there but they do want a closer look at my good boob. Now I'm waiting for my old films to show up from utah so they can compare the changes. Then I will need some new mammos taking a closer look at my scar site and the questionable area on my good boob. "Probably not something" is what they are telling me. Or if something, could be dcis. Again. They say don't worry about it, most likely negative or benign. What does that mean? Are they already assuming I will need a biopsy? Don't worry. They make that sound so easy. Do they not realize that is what they told me the first time? And now dw is worrying and she wants to know if I can really go thru this stress every 6 months. This is what I signed up for so I guess I can't complain.


  1. Hang in there, Sissie, and keep praying for "Probably not something"... Glad you are using the coloring book. That's what really helped me (and Anastasia & Nick)remember all those little details like the olecranon process. wt

  2. I didn't realize you were back to school again - that's great!
    I really do hope it's 'probably not something' - I really do.
    Will be thinking happy thoughts for you.