Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my ass hurts

Ouch. I've been sitting on my ass for three days now. Ever since I broke my leg on sunday. Yeah I broke my fucking leg. How? I was jogging. Yeah. Fucking jogging. I've played sports since I was practically a baby. Skating, sledding, skiing, rugby, soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, snowboarding, street football, british bulldog, mountain biking. I've tried just about everything and I've never broken anything (besides a couple of toes). I didn't know it was even possible to break a leg by jogging. I asked the ortho if maybe my bones are soft from menopause but he said they look fine and it was the force that broke my fibula, not weak bones. I guess it is possible but why couldn't I have broken it by doing something cooler, like mountain biking? I went biking twice last week and that would have made a better story.

So now I have to hobble back to the damn hospital and have surgery. Then nurse the damn thing for 4-6 weeks. I have a transverse, displaced fracture of the fibula. Not supposed to put weight on it so looks like I will be out of work for awhile. That is the problem with having a physical job. When you get hurt, you can't work. My doctor wants me to elevate my leg at least 45 minutes of every hour. I am on my feet all day at work and even if I just pass meds, I need to stand in order to get the meds out of our cart so it isn't going to work out. I hope to be able to get disability while I'm off. I wasn't able to for my june surgery because I hadn't been working in california long enough but now that it is july, I think I will qualify. Even if I didn't have to worry about work, there is the stress of sitting around for 4-6 weeks doing nothing. What to do? I played wii, watched tons of stuff on netflix, wrote in my journal, made some phone calls, read, colored and played computer games. That was all on the first day. Now what??? I'm bored and dw is getting tired of me asking for things every five minutes. Yeah, used to try and do everything on my own and not ask for help. That was like three surgeries ago. I am worried about getting fat and out of shape. Please give me suggestions if you know how to work out without standing up. I need to do something! Maybe I will take this time to learn spanish. Maybe. I do hate studying but maybe if I mix the books in with some spanish soap operas it just might work.

So how did it happen? I hadn't been running since before my boob surgery for one reason or another. Tired from working, blister, lazy, etc. We went biking on saturday and dw is training for a triathlon so we decided to go for a run on sunday. We chose to hit the trails instead of the paved route around the lake. We have some beautiful trails nearby that are great for hiking or running in and go there pretty often. It can be steep and full of tree roots but it hasn't been a problem before. Even for dw who has bad ankles. We walked into the woods for the first five minutes to warm up then started jogging. My ankle actually rolled a little right away and I laughed it off and said to myself that I never get ankles are so tough! Then ran another ten yards or so downhill and my ankle rolled so bad I didn't think it would stop and the pain was immediate. I hopped on my right foot until I came to a stop and haven't put the left foot on the ground since. So there we were, maybe 1/2 mile from the car in the middle of the woods, at the bottom of a hill. I tried hopping back to the car with dw supporting me, and then with a passerby helping but it was too hard. DW wanted to put me on her back and carry me but I wouldn't let her. I was in too much pain and didn't want her to hurt me or herself. I asked her to please just call an ambulance. That is a good sign of how much pain I was in because I hate asking for help but there I was begging for an ambulance. She had to go run back to the parking lot and try and get reception. Luckily, someone was there with a verizon phone and was able to get help. As I lay on the ground waiting, I wished that I had been carrying my pain meds left over from my last surgery.  Many people walked past me and asked if I had help coming. A couple people just ignored me. Nice. Finally, the parks people rolled up in their mule (fancy golf cart) and carted me off to the parking lot where an ambulance came to get me. I was their second victim of the day and they treated a third as I got looked at by the paramedics. Busy day.

Once again, I have many people taking care of me. Especially my dear wife. I was already wondering what I should get for her for taking such good care of me in june. I was just starting to help out again at home but now I can do even less than before. She is waiting on me hand and foot. Kind of hard to even cook for yourself when you need crutches to get around. And I can't even take the dog out. It's hard enough for me to get myself down the stairs. Thank goodness she has summers off from work. I don't know what I'd do without her.

Seriously, I need to find some kind of cushion for my ass. It is killing me.


  1. Maybe you could use one of those baby donut things for your butt - you know the ones nursing mothers wrap around their waist and prop the baby on when they are nursing? They are big enough to sit on. Love you. wt

  2. I'm sitting here shaking my head and wondering who you pissed off in your previous life.

    Now: Google "wheelchair exercise" and you'll get a whole bunch of things to try. Kudos to you for trying to keep up a fitness routine while you recoup. I wish I had your dedication.

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