Wednesday, August 10, 2011

life in the slow lane

It's been over two weeks now since I broke my leg and nothing much has changed since my last post. My ass is still sore and I'm still bored. I think boredom is relative. Once school starts again and my leg is healed enough to go back to work, I'm sure I'll long for these care free days of being a couch potato! I do have some productive things I could be working on but instead I watch garbage tv all day, play computer games, surf the web, watch movies and netflix streaming, play with my legos (thanks wt) and read.

I do manage to get out on occasion for some fun, thanks to the wheelchair provided by my insurance and my loving driver, dw:) Did she once write a guest post saying that I wasn't good at asking for help?! My how times have changed! This will be the 1st time ever in her almost 40 year existence that she will be happy when summer "vacation" is over!

Since I've been on the crutches and in the wheelchair, I've learned some stuff. Like people are pretty decent. Lots of them give me smiles and rush to get the door or give me some words of encouragement. I've even been prayed for twice. One man said "Dear Lord, please heal this guy's leg." Uh, thanks? Can't get too upset with that since I was disguised as a guy in my hat, shades and unbumpy chest.

I am lucky in that being stuck in a chair is temporary. While we have scored a couple of nice parking spots because of the leg, it is not an easy life for those with permanent challenges. Yes, the stores and restaurants have to have a handicapped bathroom but try squeezing through a crowded cafe to get to it in a wheelchair. And try getting through some heavy doors on your crutches when there is no magic button that will open them for you. Try getting around in the hills of oakland or streets of san francisco. I won't even try that! It's kind of scary being pushed around in a chair. Now I know how one of my residents felt when she said "I feel like I'm in a horse race." She wanted me to slow down when I was pushing her chair. The world moves fast when you're on oxy!

It hasn't been all bad. DW and I have never had this much time together before. She's by my side almost 24/7 and we are still on excellent speaking terms. She has been so patient with me and I haven't acted too badly, mostly. We look forward to watching ellen reruns every day at 4 and just laughed our asses off at the halloween episode of modern family.


  1. OMG, Ghiradelli Square. I would break my own leg for a Ghiradelli hot fudge the sparkly pink toes, BTW. Are ya sick of people telling you to hang in there yet?

  2. Didn't stop at Ghiradelli's. Hard enough to walk into that crowded store on 2 legs! Not tired of the encouragement yet. I've got a long way to go.

  3. Awesome foot photorama. I can see TJ in her wetsuit! You should get orange nailpolish. wt