Thursday, August 25, 2011

shaken up

I got a text yesterday from wt saying she "felt" it but everything was fine. She's in NY and felt the VA quake. Then last nite we felt one here in CA and felt another one just a few minutes ago. I know a lot of west coasters are making fun of the panic on the east coast because we are used to tremors but c'mon, they are scary! Yeah, I am not a true west coaster having only lived here about 6 years out of my life. I also feel very vunerable right now with the broken leg. Although I finally started walking yesterday without the aide of crutches I still can't get around very well and still need the crutches outside on my hilly street. As I cower under the door jamb, I am reminded that we have no evacuation plan. We've got no emergency cash on hand, our important papers are scattered around, not much extra water, medicine all over the place. I need to at least put together a grab bag of extra diabetic supplies which is easy enough to do since I order everything in a 90 day supply. I can't live without that junk and big quakes and fires have happened here so best be ready.

The past few weeks I've been shaken up on another level. I had my annual eye exam with dilation. This is where they check my eyes for diabetic changes among other things. I've had some retinopothy in the past. Not a great thing to have but nothing too serious and as my eye doc said, it would be unusual for someone who's had diabetes for 26 years not to have some problems. But this time they saw something that looked a little worse. A possible neovascularization. This is when the eye starts making new blood vessels because it isn't getting enough oxygen. The problem is that the new vessels are weaker and can leak and damage the retina and cause blindness. So they wanted me to follow up with another doc in 6 weeks. I only waited 3 weeks cuz I was so scared. Blindness is my biggest fear and something that always lurks in the back of my mind. The doc told me today that not all diabetics get serious problems. Maybe 1 in 10. I'm not sure if that statistic is proven but it does give me some hope. The great news is that my eye problems are not advanced. I'm still in the watch and see phase. Keep my blood glucose in tight control and this spot may dry up on its own. So I'll go back in 6 months and have it checked again. And in the meantime, I have to step up my game. I already do the right thing by checking my sugars several times a day and never skipping a shot but now I have to make some sacrifices. Clean up some bad eating habits, log my carbs and glucose numbers, work on consistency and maybe even make the move to an insulin pump. Lots of hard work but I'm too young to lose my eyes.


  1. Janine, it sounds like you know exactly what you need to do. Diabetes runs in my family and I don't take it seriously enough. Thank you for for the wake up call, and I hope your spot clears up fast.

  2. luv you, sissie. wt