Friday, September 23, 2011

if you can't outrun it, overthrow it

I heard some statistics on the news the other day: 1 in 2 American males and 1 in 3 American females will get some form of cancer at some point in life. And 1 American dies every minute from cancer. Odds are great that you or someone in your family has/had or will have cancer. Sounds pretty hopeless doesn't it? Especially when you take into account that cancer isn't even the leading cause of death in the U.S. (heart disease is).

So what are we supposed to do with this information? Sit around and worry about every ache and pain, lump, cough, odd mole or bruise that pops up? Screw that. Well...please do take precautions such as annual checkups and screenings and do go see your doc if something unusual is going on. Heck, not everyone dies from cancer. The ones that find it early usually fair well. But in between time feel free to follow my 3 step plan to overthrow cancer:

1. Enjoy Life
Do something fun. Today. Follow up with more fun tomorrow. You deserve it. And when you're at work or school or whatever, daydream a little about the next bit of fun you're planning.

2. Love Your Loved Ones
You know those people you used to hang out with all the time before you became an adult and started the 9-5 drudgery and forgot how to enjoy life? Give them a call, or better yet, a skype. Send an email, or better yet, a letter! Spend some time with them, enjoying life together. Remind yourself why you love them and then remind them why you love them.

3. Get Insurance
When cancer hits or some other illness, you sure will appreciate having health insurance! Even better if you can find decent health insurance. It may not seem fair, but even when you have cancer, they expect you to pay for it. And it sure takes a load off your already blown mind not to have to worry about how you are going to pay for surgery or medicine or chemo or radiation. A lot of insurance these days are 80/20 or 70/30. That means you foot the bill for 20 or 30% of a lot of things. I have been lucky to have had a ppo or hmo that paid for 100% for most of my surgeries or tests with small copays.

Now that I look back at things, I think I prefer to stay with an insurance that will pay 100% even if it means I have less doctors to choose from. This broken leg cost over $21,000 (not including the 8 weeks of lost wages). Our out-of-pocket cost has been about $125 so far which includes the visit to the ER, 4 doctor visits and 2 xrays, surgery, crutches and a wheelchair rental, 1 physical therapy session and an ambulance ride. Yep, loving the hmo even more so because it is the cheapest plan offered. Go figure. Now I just need to look into buying some disability insurance because State Disability Insurance doesn't cut it.

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  1. I'm bumping up my savings for this reason, too. My disability insurance pays 60% of my salary after ten weeks. Had I needed to go the chemo route, my doctor advised that I would be out of work for up to six months, and that was after the eight weeks I was out for surgery. It sucks that when you're fighting a life threatening illness you have to choose between what's best for your healthy and, say, eating and having heat in the winter.